Sunday, February 22

Love Story Part 2, LOST, Prayer Requests

Ok, I just posted My Love Story Part 2. Click here & scroll down to Part 2. 

Yay...  Amanda & Mandy. You guys knew it. The line from my favorite show is LOST.  I'm so glad to know I have fellow LOST fans as blog buds. I'm pretty sure it's the best show ever created. I must confess I've even attended LOST parties. Sick I know. I just love it. BTW... I must brag a bit... Time travel was one of my original theories! Beyond that I'm... LOST! (Ha, get it....

Prayer requests: 
  1. My pastor & a team from our congregation is headed to Suriname, a South American country. They are headed out today for a salvation/healing crusade. Suriname is a Hindu, Muslim, Christian nation. Please pray for many salvations & healings... as well as protection for our team. 
  2. 30 hours of Hunger is this weekend. Please pray for us as we finalize the details... 
BTW... Gary, the man in the video got a job & a place to stay since that video was created. Thank you Jesus! 


  1. we got a 50 inch plasma for our birthdays...i'm thinking we can have one heck of a LOST party!!

  2. You're on girl. how about a season finale party?!?