Tuesday, February 24

Mom's Tuesday Tips

What are your mommy tips? 

tip: (noun) a useful hint or idea; a basic, practical fact

money saving, time saving, family bonding... whatever you have found to be a blessing as a mom & want to pass along to others. I invite you to share...

Here is my tip for the week.... 
  • My evenings have gotten pretty crazy lately now that I'm not getting off of work til 6p. Bed time has been pushed back a little. Olivia's new bed time is 8:30 & Maddy's is 9. There's just no way to get everything done that needs to get done before then. Therefore bath time during the week needs to be a fairly quick process. Bubble baths are lots of fun, but who has time to scrub bubbles out of hair when there are snuggles to be had & books to be read? To make bath time quick, but still fun I use Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors. Olivia thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread... seriously. Picking out which color is always such a fun time. The container comes with red, yellow & blue tablets. But colors can be mixed to make new ones... R&Y= Orange, Y&B= Green and B&R= Purple. The combos are a good way to teach her about colors too. I've tried other bath tablets, but these are the most vibrant (you can't tell that in the pic below... I think the flash dulled the color a bit). Wal-mart has them cheaper than Amazon, but they are not available online through Wal-mart. 
I hear there is a fancy little widget called Mr. Linky that makes these blog carnivals a lot easier to share links. Unfortunately, I do not have access to Mr. Linky (yet). SO, if you decide to share a tip please either leave your tip in the comments or if you decide to host a Mom's Tuesday Tips on your blog please leave your post link in the comments so everyone can benefit from your tips as well. Thanks! 


  1. My Tues Tip is also for families on the go... A tip for being on time (no matter how many kids you have) to church, work, lunch w/your friends, etc. Whatever the normal departure time would be add 5 extra minutes for every person going.

    My personal example: If I need to leave my house at 10:30A to be ready and in place for a church service that starts at 11A I actually need to "TRY" to get out of the house at 10:05. That's 25 extra minutes since I have 5 people in my family. When hubby asks what time we need to leave I will give him the "goal" time of 10:05A. About 9:30 everyone starts moving faster trying to meet the goal, kids even start getting into the car around 10A, BUT there's always that someone who forgot something or has to go to the bathroom! Then I usually remember that we need snacks for the trip home so we're not tempted to stop and buy something (that was a bonus tip). So I run in to grab a couple of things and by the time all that is done and the seat belts are on, it's usually just the right time to leave for your destination. Now for all those FLMers, this does not include time standing at KTXP or dropping off however many kids you might have in their classes. If you don't have an older kid that can do it for you..then that tip will have to wait for another day!

  2. My Mom's Tuesday Tip is about diaper bags. You can read it here:


  3. My tip is for moms with small kids that dread shopping with them because of the "no, don't touch!". We have a "yes, please touch" rule... but it has conditions. It's the "One finger touch" rule. They can touch anything in the store, but only with one finger. This means that they can't pick it up, chances are they won't break it either, and it gives them the freedom to touch things, so there are less battles to fight :)

    Reach out, and touch something, LOL!