Wednesday, February 11

Reece's Lovely Locks

Imagine my excitement when I realized there was finally enough hair for a bow. OK, it only stayed in long enough for us to take the picture... but very exciting nonetheless. Mandy, get ready... I'm going to be hitting your store soon!

Who says girls can't rock a mohawk... OK, maybe more like a limp baby spike, but how cute?...

Can you guess who started this one? 

and last but not least... the inevitable bald patch. As much as I tried, in vain, to prevent it, o'well... 

Late Breaking News...
  1. Reece rolled over twice yesterday... yay Reece 
  2. AND, drum roll please.... I have an interview today @ 2! I'll let you know how it goes. 


  1. love the bow in the hair picture...she is such a cute baby girl!

  2. Limp baby hair spike..... I spit my water out, you're way too funny!!

    And she's way too adorable! I just want to squeeze those cheeks...

    I'll be praying at 2pm for your interview... except I'm not sure which time zone to pray in, so I'll pray in all four time zones! There are four time zones between here and California, so I'm sure I'll get the right one ;)

  3. Awhhh she is such a DOLL!
    Congrats on the rolling over Reece!

    Can't wait to hear about the interview!!!

    I haven't made any new bows in a while. The new law went into place yesterday. It's all SO confusing. They've changed even more of the details. I'm not sure what to do with my Etsy store at this point.