Thursday, December 31

blog break

It's time to take a break!

I am participating in a fasting & prayer time with the rest of my church's congregation. I'm choosing to limit internet time during this 3 week period, as well as other things.

I am also going to take this time to set goals & do some of this years planning.

I'll take this time to seek the Lord and get some direction, as well as pray about some other stuff too.

toodles for now. and only for a bit.

happy 2010!

Tuesday, December 29

year in review- 2009

I never send out the "year in review" letters at Christmas time... heck, who am I kidding, I haven't even sent Christmas cards since... well, I can't remember. I do LOVE getting those letters in the mail though & catching up on what's going on in the lives of family & friends. My goal is to get cards AND a letter out next year. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

If I had sent one out this year...
it would have gone a little something like this....

Dear family & friends,

What a year it has been! (so cliche & so cheesy, huh?) As usual, the Sanders home has been a busy one this year.

Stephen is still working at our church as a video editor. He edits the broadcast that our church produces as well as other creative short videos that our church uses for various things. He loves what he does and sees it as a privilege to have a part in spreading the gospel across the world though media.

I have decided to stop working and become a full time student. I enrolled at a local community college and am now pursuing a nursing degree. I am absolutely loving school and I am also thoroughly enjoying the extra time I now have at home with the girls.

Stephen & I also work together to head up the young adults ministry at our church. Our responsibilities include planning fellowship & outreach events for the young adults in our church. We love it & would definitely say our most memorable experience with the "yammers" this year was a New York City mission trip we went on in August. Many lives were changed... especially ours. We are looking forward to taking a trip to El Salvador in 2010!

Madison is now a middle schooler. She is maturing into a sweet young lady. Her new favorite things to do are send text messages, take pictures, and cheer. Yes, can you believe it?!? Our self-proclaimed tom boy is now a cheer leader.

Olivia started kindergarten this year. She is such a smart little cookie. She is reading very well these days. One of her favorite things to do is read books. She also loves math. She takes it upon herself to study Madison's multiplication flash-cards, as well as her own addition & subtraction ones.

Reece is a very busy bee these days. She turned one in October. She is walking, climbing, and even jumping around the house. She is most definitely the busiest babe I've had. She is also starting to say small words. She is a chatterbox. We may not understand what she is saying, but it sure seems like she knows.

Life is good these days. We are looking forward to an awesome 2010. We hope you are too.

Lots of love!

Stephen, Kasie, Madison, Olivia and Reece

Monday, December 28

i ♥ faces- “Hilarious Outtakes”

Earlier in December I went on a bff photo-shoot. This is my sweet friend Robin & her family. She truly is a super mom. Not only does she have 5 kiddos, but she is also a determined homeschooling mama. Her dedication & commitment to her family inspires me to be a better mom.

As you can see in these pictures her family is lots of fun to be around.

I got to pick 5 this week!





See all of the other entries here.

Sunday, December 27

holiday headlines 2009

Christmas time is absolutely the most wonderful time of the year. I love love love it. My Christmas time butterflies start around early November every year when I see the first signs of Christmas ads around town.

People... believing and non... coming together to celebrate the birth of our Lord... some simply going through the motions. It's a time of giving and no matter who you are, you can't deny the fact that Christmas is a precious time of year. A time to celebrate the ultimate gift.

This year has truly been one of the best Christmas seasons yet. Too much to go into a whole heck of a lot of detail, but I did want to capture a few moments that have meant the most.

I'll continue in the same theme I started last year.

Holiday Headlines:

happy couple attend leadership banquet. she wears red and feels really sassy.

lady in red

girls bake cookies. mommy gains 5 pounds.
(photo inspired by this. Her's was way cooler though!)

cookie monster attacks.

the real cookie monster

bff birthday bashes are a blast

bff birthdays

baby really confused by all of the white stuff falling from sky.


snowman loses sense of smell.

loss of smell

mom makes it into at least one snowy shot.

I made it in a shot

couple goes to YAM Christmas party and gets warm fuzzies.

thanks guys

daddy plays santa.

daddy the santa claus

round of cameras for everyone Christmas morning.

cameras for all

baby way more excited about orange in her stocking then any toys that may be wrapped under tree.

matching Christmas PJs never cease to get mom a little giddy.

matching PJs

mom gets matching dishes from santa and makes yummy breakfast for the fam Christmas morning.

new dishes for mommy

2 sisters, 1 brother and the rest of the gang have fun at Christmas.

the gang

proud mimi (my mom) shows off new snuggie.

sporting the snuggie

poppaw fake smiles to get camera to go away.

fake smile

big family has big fun celebrating Christmas
(my family)

world celebrates God's best gift ever.

merry CHRISTmas

giving is good.
the end.

Friday, December 25

from me to you

isaiah 9:6

a little something to bless you this Christmas & all of 2010:

-create a free account
-do a search for the group "Svenderson" (my husband has created & purchased an unlimited group account to share with all... including YOU!)
-join the group
- enjoy!

This is a manageable year Bible reading plan that will take you through the entire Bible in 1 year. You'll read the New Testament, Old testament, Psalms & Proverbs each day. There will be a place to post your own personal journal & thoughts as well as group forums.

Join us as we draw closer to God in 2010!!!

I hope this Christmas is awesome for you guys. We'll actually be celebrating tomorrow when Madison gets home. (Her dad & I share holidays)

So happy OUR Christmas Eve & YOUR Christmas Day!

merry christmas

Friday, December 18

Nursing School Journey Log 4

what I learned during my 1st semester as a full time student...
(my 2nd go round: 10 years later & a little more mature)

SDV 100= college success skills
PSY 230= developmental psychology
SOC 200= principle of sociology
SDV 100= college success skills

1) I still procrastinate... daggonit!

2) I actually enjoy learning. I loved all of my classes. Way more motivated to go to class then I have ever been to go to work. What's up with that? I thought the excitement would wear off... it didn't. Studying on the other hand... that's a whole other monster. (see #1)

3) I am a read/write learner... which is why I have an insane amount of flash-cards... everywhere. My grocery store has been sold out for days. It's also why I cannot function without some sort of list to go by. (to-do list, grocery list, packing lists... Everyday & mostly everything I do requires a list... it's ridiculous)
find out your VARK learning style here.

4) According to an in depth personality test, that I had to take for my SDV class, the 2 career fields that would suite me best are: health care & community service. Wowzers. I guess I'm on the right track.

5) America's highest population of AIDS is found in the late adulthood generation. Apparently viagra + limited sex ed= recipe for disaster
who knew?

6) After meeting with my advisor I found out that because of the economic situation in our country more & more people have enrolled... making it more difficult to be accepted into the nursing program. That was a swift kick in the bum. Last I heard only 60 were accepted out of about 200 applicants per semester. Geesh. No pressure. I'll finish my pre-requs next semester & my application deadline is next September for spring 2011.

7) When the semester first started I was matching up symptoms to the disorders I was learning about & self diagnosing myself with all kinds of stuff. I learned that is perfectly normal & it happens to a lot of medical students. That's a relief. I'm happy to announce that I don't have a brian tumor, ovarian cancer ... & I'm pretty sure I'm not bi-polar either. Whew...

8) I learned there is a difference between good stress and bad stress. "They" say the stress from school and the pressure that comes with it is considered "good" stress. I don't think those who have been effected by my stress induced hostility around test taking time agree so much with the "good" stress theory.

9) I also learned that as much as I enjoy school I enjoy break much better... which happens to start TODAY. I took my last final this morning. Yippee. No more school until January.

10) OH... & of course I learned a bunch of critical nursing stuff that I will most definitely need when I start working with patients. Unfortunately, I haven't retained nearly half of it.

11) which I learned is also normal.

Now that finals are over I can start finish Christmas shopping.

Guess what Reece & I got caught in tonight...


it's snowing

Tuesday, December 15

school play 2009

ah, the annual school play.
this year kindergarten sang "Do You See What I See"...

"Said the king to the people ev'rywhere,
listen to what I say!
Pray for peace, people ev'rywhere,
listen to what I say!
The Child, The Child
sleeping in the night.
HE will bring us goodness and light!
HE will bring us goodness and light!"


The middle school group... well, they were just cutting up...

got it

and so was uncle Chad...

couldn't resist

Maddy is hilarious. She sat on the opposite side of the stage to try to avoid the camera.
Her principle helped clue her in...
"Sorry honey, there is no hiding from a mama and her camera."
Got that right.
I did have to bribe her for this one though...

cutting up

I got my shot.... she got a 5 minute massage. Thanks Mad... you'll thank me one day. OK, maybe not for this shot. Sorry babe... mama loves you girl.

School Christmas play= good times!

christmas play girls

Sunday, December 13