Wednesday, April 22

Rainbow over RVA

Were we the only ones who saw the beautiful rainbow over RVA yesterday evening? It was gorgeous. Liv was so excited... she'd never seen a rainbow that big before. Maddy was the photographer :) 

Thank you Lord that ALL of your promises are true! 

Sunday, April 19

A Gazillion Family Photos

We spent Saturday morning (and some of the afternoon) at the park with one of my BFFs in a photo shoot. I think the pics turned out GrEaT! Thanks Linda... 

Reader beware... you are now entering into grandma territory... SEVERAL pics to follow... I mean seriously, how many people can look at THIS many pics of 1 family & not get bored EXCEPT grandma...  :) 

PS- I just realized that you can link text to your blogger... this very well may get me into trouble at work!!!

Friday, April 10

Holy Cow... it's been over a month!

Ok, I simply can't take it anymore. SO what if the dishes are piled up, bathrooms filthy, kids not bathed... I NEED a blog fix daggonit. I can't believe it's been over a month. I sure have missed blog world. I must admit I have popped in a time or 2 to browse through my friends blogs & I have been keeping up with Stellan's condition. Thank God he's doing better. I will have to take the time soon to actually read through everyone's blog & catch up. 

I thought I would have some time at work in between phone calls to possibly blog... but, unfortunately we have restricted access to the web. What do you mean I can't play on Facebook & blog all day?!?!? What kind of company is this any way?!?!? For cryin' out loud!

Actually the job is going really really good. It's sales... & sales... well, it is what it is. I'm just thankful to be able to offer a service that is really helping people. I have been pretty successful in my position. I got a "Rising Star" award and another recognition in the short time that I've been there. I'm certainly not bragging... b/c it's totally not me! I'm no salesman, that's for sure. I just ask God for help. Some of the guys were giving me a hard time today b/c I did really good this week & they were asking me what my secret was. I told them I pray a lot... I said I ask God to send me the people who I can help & who wanna pay. :) They didn't have too much to say to that. God is so good! 

Life seemed like such a breeze when I first started back to work.... I guess that was the brief honeymoon stage :) Reality has kicked back in. There is SO much that I want to get done every day...

read my Bible, pray, cuddle with the kids, play with the kids, read to the kids, feed the kids, spend time w/ the hubs, exercise, diet, clean the house, clean the kids, clean myself, balance the checking account, eat, sleep... you know, the basics. Not to mention... spend time with friends, time for ME, make sure I call my mom so she knows I still love & appreciate her, catch up with other family (thank God for Facebook, huh?) go to church... OH yeah & then there's the whole "run an entire ministry with your husband" thing I got going on. I mean seriously. How's a girl supposed to do all of this? 

That was a rhetorical question, of course I know the answer...  ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD. 

I'll be honest with you though... some days I feel like crawling into a hole & not coming out for a really LONG time. I realize on those days that I'm feeling that way b/c I'm trying to make things happen in my own strength. Relying on God is so "daily".. it HAS to be or I'd go MAD. Seeking His face & getting onto His presence is SO important. BUT it's also SO easy for me to get caught up in the daily grind of things & neglect that time with Him... when I do I can start to feel the weight coming back on. 

It also helps me to have such a wonderful hubs. I love him so much. Just one of the many reasons why... the other night I came home extremely cranky. I barely spoke to him. The older girls were in KY for spring break (thank God for the in laws... it was a nice break for us & the girls had a blast!) The originally plan for this particular evening was to get some cleaning & painting done while the kids were out of town. Around 7:45 I was just simply tired of functioning so I stomped off to my bedroom & closed the door. Stephen kindly came into the bedroom holding the baby. Here is the conversation.... 

Stephen: Hey babe, you OK?

Me: NO!

Stephen: What's wrong?

Me: I don't want to talk about! (really I didn't know what was wrong, I was just having one of my "crawl into a hole" moments) 

Stephen: OK, well I'm going to take care of the downstairs, you gonna help?

Me: NO! 

Stephen: Can you take the baby then?

Me: NO! 


Stephen: Um, OK... I'll take the baby & take care of the downstairs, no problem. Hope you feel better. (He was sincere... I'm sure quite perturbed, but he didn't show it a bit) 

Me: Thanks, can you close the door on the way out.  (as I rolled over & pulled the covers over my head.) 

I felt kinda bad, but I was so exhausted. I slept straight through until 7 the next morning. Stephen needs a "Hubs of the year" award or something. He's so good to me. 

SO anyway, that's my update for now. Life is, well... BUSY. 

I'm going to try to get on here more. I really do enjoy blogging so I don't want to completely deprive myself :) 

Ta-ta for now & HAPPY EASTER! 
(I LOVE EASTER- I've been in the Kingdom of God for 7 years this Easter... 
WOO-HOO... He IS Risen!)