Tuesday, September 30

Open Wide!

I'm not really sure how it started but the middle babe has a weird habit of asking everyone to smell her breath after she brushes her teeth. She wants everyone to know just how minty fresh her mouth is. This morning after she brushed her teeth she ran into my room where I was lying down & as she usually does energetically plops down beside me & says "mom, smell my breath" as she opens wide & huffs in my face. Silly girl. Well this morning after I got a nice whiff she says "OK, now open your mouth so the baby can smell". I took me a second to understand... she didn't want to smell my breath she wanted to huff into my mouth so the nice minty aroma could travel down to the baby :) That girl cracks me up. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant she always asked me to open my mouth so she could talk into it to the baby. As my stomach grew she realized she could just talk to my belly & she would hear her just fine. She was also (& probably still is) so confused about how the baby was going to come out of my tummy. A few explanations we got were... She'd come up & out of my mouth or she'd come out while I was on the toilet. I've gracefully danced around the actual answer... I figure it might freak her out a little. I simple say... the doctor will get her out. So far it's a good enough answer to quench the curiosity. Once she does come out I'm sure the baby will be next in line to get nice minty whiffs of the middle babe's breath each morning & evening!

Sunday, September 28


"You haven't had that baby yet?"- "Oh, my goodness... you're about to pop any-day now, huh?" - "You're STILL pregnant.. I thought you'd had that baby by now" - "WHEN is your due date anyway??" - then there is always that "I feel so sorry for you" look. I even had a sweet old lady come up to me today at church and say something like... "Don't be walking around too much now sweety that baby just might drop on out". HUH? 

Ok people, yes I know I'm big & yes I know I have a little waddle going on. I don't get up so fast during meet & greet in church services & I even have to sit down towards the end of praise & worship and you can absolutely forget about me standing at the end of service for the altar call... that would take entirely too much effort. Yes, it's obvious... my due date is right around the corner. What I really appreciate are those sweet comments (usually from moms who have had kids before) "Girl, you look great!" - "8 months pregnant... no WAY, I would have never guessed you were that far, you look so good." - "You are such a beautiful pregnant mama" - "Wow, what a great glow you have"... OK, OK I added a few of those myself. 

It's alright though, I know I say weird things sometime  just out of habit or without thinking. I've gotten pretty good at popping on a sweet smile though (hopefully it's not coming across too fake) & polite comments back like "nope, not yet... just about 2 weeks left though!" It's all a part of pregnancy. Once you get to this point you just want the baby out... so those friendly reminders that she's not out yet can get a bit annoying :) I'm sure it doesn't help that I go to a huge church so the comments & looks are multiplied. 

I've been feeling pretty good though. Really my only complaint are these hips. ARGH... can't sleep on my stomach, can't sleep on my back... left tossing & turning on whichever hips feels the best at that moment. 

OK, sorry enough complaining... being pregnant isn't all that bad. 
  • Feeling little kicks & moves inside of you 
  • Having the hubby & the kids talk to my belly 
  • I take full advantage of "eating for 2" & don't feel bad about it... at all 
  • People stop & let you cross the street & hold doors for you
  • I've had SO many people let me cut in line in the restroom. 
  • Random smiles from people (when does that ever happen otherwise?!?!) 
  • Guilt free naps & relaxation 
Just to name a few! 

The hubby & I were talking the other day about all of my pregnancy craving... definitely not something I want to forget :)... 

Bean Burritos from Taco Bell 

Jalapeno Poppers

Loaded Potatoes

BBQ chips


& the 2 most recent.... pink lemonade & Taco Bell Mango Fruitstas (if you haven't had one yet... WHY NOT?!?!) 
OK, now I'm hungry. I'm going to grab a snack & hit the sack :) 

Monday, September 22

You might be a "Blog head" if...

You might be a "Blog Head" if...
you catch yourself saying things like... "Oh, that is SO blog worthy"

Hee hee... I have said that twice this week already...

1) The hubby sent this video to me today. When the oldest babe was 6 we (me, her & the hubby) went on a missions trip w/ our church's middle school youth group. We went to Myrtle Beach & held a mini crusade on the beach. A local christian hip hop band helped us out. Here is video footage of the oldest babe in the dance competition. This will definitely be boyfriend material for later years! 

2) the middle babe apparently got her hands on our camera one day when we were not looking & I have proof!...

And my favorite... drum roll please.... 

Sunday, September 21

I love down time!

Towards the end of August I told the hubby that I was going to keep all of my Saturdays free in September & the early part of October so that I would have plenty of time to take care of the house. I'm so glad that didn't work out! I've spent the last 2 Saturdays with family & friends taking it easy & enjoying down time and it's been really nice! The house isn't finished, but who cares? The nursery (thanks to mom) is done & the house is at least clean (thanks to mom again :)) The additional home improvements will happen in time. No more obsessing. I've enjoyed the past 2 weekends. Last Saturday I hung out w/ my cousin & her kids and mom for a bit & then the middle babe & I went to a friend's birthday party (the hubby & the oldest babe spent the day together @ the Awakening Fest). 

This Saturday we all went to my friend Ashley's house to her daughter's birthday party for most of the day. We ended up hanging out all day & playing cards til pretty late while all of the kids enjoyed each others company. 

Turns out the middle babe has a mean swing. We have to get her a set for her birthday. She was slamming the balls! 

My silly girl :).... 

Ashley's lil' rock star... 

Boy would I have missed out on some good times! 

Friday, September 19


This has been a crazy work week... especially the last 2 days. I've been trying to get everything wrapped up & ready for when I go out. Work is getting there... my house on the other hand.... 

Mom came over Monday thru Thursday to help me out. She has cleaned the entire house & completely finished the nursery. I'm sure she has no idea how grateful I am. The house looks (& smells) WONDERFUL! The nursery is so beautiful. I keep going in there to just look around & thumb through the clothes :) I'm getting really excited now. Mom even packed the babe's hospital bag. All I have to do now is pack my bags & wrap things up @ work & I'm ready to go! I can tell the baby has dropped pretty low. I still think I have a good 3-4 weeks left though. Im due October 10th, but I think it will be around the 15th or 16th. We'll see...

Here are the nursery pics.... THANKS MOM!!!  

Monday, September 15

Everything is A-OK

I went back to the doc today for a follow up visit. Everything is great. My fluid is back up where it's supposed to be. It's @ 11 now. So I just need to keep pumping in the water to keep it up & everything will be fine. Woo Hoo! I'm off of bed-rest, but I still need to take it easy. I guess my home improvement efforts turned out to be  an idea of an irrational nesting looney bin after all. Doc said no painting (Daggonit!) But the hubby has agreed to at least get the ceiling finished for me. :) Mom has been coming over to help clean & get the nursery in order. Thank God for her! 

At least I got some cool ultrasound pics out of the whole ordeal....

Here is her little face. If you look close you can see her arm above her head & her hand tucked up there too. Her little nose & her mouth...

This is a cool shot of the top of her head. Those little squiggles are hairs on top of her head, too funny...

Sunday, September 14

All Hail THE King of Glory!

Despite bed-rest I had to sneak in & out of church tonight to see this...

the oldest babe did such a great job! 

Friday, September 12

Thoughts on God's spit & Bed-rest

Tonight over dinner the middle babe asked, as serious as could be, "Mom, when it rains does it mean God is spitting on us? And when it snows does it mean the angels are spitting on us?" Hee hee... I couldn't help but giggle, which I think hurt her feelings a bit. I then explained what rain was & how God would never ever spit on us because he loves us way too much. Kids are so funny! It's amazing the way they think sometimes? So precious. 

Bed rest is going OK. It's hard to sit around & see the house so messy. It was already about 2 weeks behind on a good cleaning b/c I've been so focused on painting. The hubby has been a big help though. He's taken care of bath time, lunches, dinner etc etc etc. He even did the sweetest thing this morning. We realized late last night that we were almost out of bread. We had 2 good pieces & 2 butt pieces (you know the end pieces) left. It would have bothered me knowing that the girls had butt sandwiches for lunch, but I had to let it go. This morning he took it upon himself to stop by the store & pick up lunchables so they wouldn't have to endure weird sandwiches. :) What a good dad! huh? 

My friend Linda came over today for lunch. I told her... only a good friend like her would I allow into such a messy house! We had great conversation & a yummy lunch that she fixed for me. She said she just wanted to come over & keep me company... What would we do w/o good friends?

It's amazing how much quality time w/ others you find when you don't have a choice but to lay or sit around! The oldest babe is w/ her dad tonight, but the middle babe & I took a blanket outside under the tree this evening & played a game of memory. How fun! I really should let housework go more often so that I can just take the time to enjoy the girls (& the hubby). Shouldn't we all??  Isn't that what it's all about anyway! 

2 1/2 more days of bed-rest. I see a lot of board games & movies in store for me this weekend... and snuggles too... 

Wednesday, September 10

36 week check up

Well I've got some good news & some news that could be perceived as "not so good" news... but I know everything will be OK! The good news is that she is in position... head down! I had an internal exam & I'm an inch dilated (barely!) but her head has dropped pretty low. When my midwife measured my belly she was concerned b/c the measurement was kind of low, so she sent me for an ultrasound. During the ultrasound the tech said she has A LOT of hair. We (my mom went with me) could see her little hair floating around. :) She weighs 6 pounds 4 ounces... which is average for how far along I am BUT her amniotic fluid was low, which explained why I was measuring low. The fluid is supposed to be between 10-20 & I'm @ 7.5... SO my midwife put me on bed rest until Monday. She wants me to stay off of my feet (I can  still do my work on the computer, which is good), but no walking or standing around. DARN... no dishes or dinner prep OR PAINTING (ARGH). The hubby  is so wonderful, when I told him he said "no worries I'll take care of everything". Aww, what a guy. It's so great to be married to someone like him. Anyway, I go back Monday & if my fluid is still low they will induce labor. BUT I know everything will be fine. I just think I have been overdoing it. So I'm going to relax, prop my feet up & take it easy 'til Monday. 

Monday, September 8

The nursery is ALMOST finished

YAY! I feel like I've gotten so much done in the past few days. It's such a good feeling! Cara came back over Sunday to help finish painting the nursery. Today I finished the flower mural & The hubby & I hung her name (which was the most anticipated finishing touch to the walls) I LOVE the way it's turning out. It's even better than I imagined! 

My mom came over today to work in my garden. She has such a green thumb. Back in the spring the fresh air got to my head a little bit & I decided  it would be a grand idea to have a garden. So she came over & helped me get it started. It's so pretty when its weeded & watered. However, I let it get way out of control & I was becoming the neighborhood outcast w/ the old ladies who walk their dogs by my condo. SO mom came to the rescue. It looks wonderful (again). We got some mulch so that weeds won't be bad. All I have to do now is water it. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Anyway, she's coming over tomorrow too to help get all of the babies clothes washed & the nursery put together. What would I do without mom? Things are coming together very nicely. Once the nursery is finished I'll tackle the other projects... fun stuff! 

Saturday, September 6

Like the nursery wasn't a big enough project

Why didn't this "nesting" thing kick in like 2 months ago! That would have been so much more convenient. What a weird thing our bodies do at about 8 months of pregnancy. We kick into this crazy fanatical mode where everything has to be perfect for the baby's arrival. Like the nursery wasn't enough I decided that NOW would be a wonderful time to complete 2  other major projects in our 4 week window (after all people will want to visit after the baby comes & the house has to look good... right?)... my hubby is absolutely loving me right now. Can you tell....

We had a toilet leak about a year ago when we were on vacation & it caused a huge piece of drywall to fall through the downstairs ceiling. A friend replaced the dry wall awhile back, but it needed to be sanded. Which sounds like a pretty simple task. Well as you'll see in the above pic it wasn't. He's still trying to get the dust out of his throat. It's a good thing he sectioned off the area w/ plastic b/c dust is EVERYWHERE. Anyway, now that it's finished I can paint the ceiling & then finally paint the rest of the walls downstairs. Yay smooth ceiling, but look at all of the dust on the walls...  

The other project is in the kitchen. When they first built our townhouse they applied the wall paper (the hideous 70s ivy wallpaper) directly to the drywall. Needless to say it didn't come off nicely so Stephen also plastered & sanded the kitchen walls. (like I said... he is SO loving me right now). This wasn't the only wall... there are 2 other small ones too... 

I think I can get all of these walls painted in time for the baby. I might as well take advantage of this extra motivation! Or maybe I'm just being an irrational nesting looney bin... We'll see. 

My friend Cara came over today to help out. While the hubby was downstairs doing his thing we were upstairs working in the nursery. 

I'm happy to announce we are ALMOST finished (painting the nursery, that is). We have 2 more coats to go on the dark wall & then the trim. WOO HOO. She's coming over tomorrow to help finish it up!!! What a load off that will be. 

With all of this work going on in the house & the rain outside the kids were a bit restless & bored. We ended the evening w/ a few board games to make up for at least a little of the boredom. The middle babe did have a fun morning though. I took her to one of those hospital sibling classes. She had a blast! We even got to see, as she says... "real life babies" in the nursery. Nothing like those sweet little babies to get you super stoked about yours coming out! ... not yet though.. the house isn't finished... (I need a hot bath & a massage!

Thursday, September 4


Oh my goodness.. yet another sleepless night?!? I think not... what did pregnant women do before Tums & Tylenol PM... seriously? I've been trying not too take too much. I laid down at 9p hoping to get A LOT of sleep b/c I know I have a busy day tomorrow... but 2 1/2 hours later I'm still awake. I just took a Tylenol PM & I hate just lying in bed tossing & turning... it's too late to work in the nursery, I don't want to wake the fam. So let's blog!

It's been a weird kind of week. My perfect little schedule turns out to not be so perfect after all. Who knew on the 1st night of homework I'd still be up @ 9p doing homework? My oldest babe is getting into the groove of the school structure thing. She is my happy go lucky, fly by the seat of her pants... would rather be doing ANYTHING else in the world besides homework kinda gal. She's my sweet daydreamer. The amount of time it was taking her to do the work had absolutely zero to do with the lack of ability, it was the daydreaming out the window, let's tell mom funny stories about my day, kick my sister out of the kitchen, grab a bite to eat, I have to go to the bathroom, kick my sister out of the kitchen again distractions that prolonged the evening. My vision of a perfectly structured evening failed. I'm sure it was partly the "weepiness" symptom that my "What to Expect When You are Expecting" book mentioned me having in my 8th month of pregnancy... but all I could think about was a school year of hours & hours of homework each night & I had a bit of a crying spell in the bathroom. I don't think her sassy attitude helped the situation. Anyway, God is so good. I went to work today & had a few chats w/ friends & my boss & realized that my tween is not the only tween out there. It's amazing how God will encourage you through others w/o them even knowing what's happening. As soon as I walked in the office this morning my friend Jamie, out of the blue, said I have a book on tweens I meant to bring to you today but forgot.... that led to some conversation that was really good for me. 

Despite these kinds of challenges I absolutely LOVE being a mom. It has it's ups & downs of course. And being around my house you wouldn't always know that I LOVE being a mom :) but I do. I'm not so sure I could do it w/o out the Lords help, that's for sure. I would go bonkers! There's always those sweet moments that make it all so worth it. Like tonight after my oldest babe got corrected (yet again for the sassy attitude & back talking) she just started crying & wanted to be held. It was then that I realized my sweet "little" girl needed a "lift me up" not a  finger pointing. So I just held her & stroked her hair & told her everything was going to be OK. She melted & told me some things that she had been stressin' over & I was able to be there for her. Afterwards she felt better & we had a great evening. I had another sweet moment tonight... this morning I drew my middle babe a little note & left it in her lunch box... a little picture & the words "Love you! mommy".  At lunch she had her teacher help her spell "love you too" on the same napkin. My hubby said when he picked her up she had it balled up in her pocket ready to give it to me... 

Being a mom is so great. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. And to think... in about a month I'll have another sweety to love on! 

Monday, September 1

Happy Labor Day... Happy September

Holy cow... It's September. Doesn't feel like it should be September yet! We drove by the pool on the way home this evening & all of the pool chairs were piled up ready to be put away for the off season. How sad! We had a good day though. We went over to moms for a cook out. As usually she threw down in the kitchen. Yummy yummy! My dad cooked some big fat ribeyes on the grill. It was a nice time together. They just got a new dog so the girls got to play w/ her a lot. 

We even found time to pick some veggies out of the garden... my middle babe's new favorite thing to do at Mimi's!  
September 1st also reminds me that I only have 40 days til my due date... CrAzY! I think the "nesting" thing has officially kicked in. I've been working on getting everything organized. I did a good purge over the weekend & my hubby has piled the van w/ Goodwill stuff that I'll take tomorrow. I even got the 2 coats of blue on the ceiling in the nursery today 
(fluffy white clouds coming soon...)

 I'll try my best to get in there again before the weekend to start on the pink walls... we'll see. The week schedule is kinda packed, which is a good thing...  I've come to realize that schedules & routines keep me sane! I think I've worked out a good one for now... 

7:45a- girls off to school ( hubby has been so wonderful letting me sleep in. He gets the girls ready & off to school in the morning for me so I can sleep til about 8:30/9:00... which has been wonderful!) 
9a-3:30p- WORK (thankfully I still get to work from home, except on Thursdays. I seem to get so much more done at home w/o office chit chat... I even get to do laundry in between emails & phone calls... which is nice) 
3:30-5p- pick girls up from school & work on home work (homework will start this week!) 
5p- start dinner 
6p- eat dinner 
7:15p middle babe's bath time, blow dry & story time (oldest babe's shower time) 
8:00p  middle babe's bed time/oldest babe's reading time 
8:30p oldest babe's bed time

Of course there is other stuff mixed in there (play time, clean up etc.), but that's the gist of it. After the girls go to bed I am usually too pooped to even think about doing anything too productive. Hopefully things will be different this week. I really need to get the nursery finished... O.C.D. is kicking in for sure!