Friday, September 12

Thoughts on God's spit & Bed-rest

Tonight over dinner the middle babe asked, as serious as could be, "Mom, when it rains does it mean God is spitting on us? And when it snows does it mean the angels are spitting on us?" Hee hee... I couldn't help but giggle, which I think hurt her feelings a bit. I then explained what rain was & how God would never ever spit on us because he loves us way too much. Kids are so funny! It's amazing the way they think sometimes? So precious. 

Bed rest is going OK. It's hard to sit around & see the house so messy. It was already about 2 weeks behind on a good cleaning b/c I've been so focused on painting. The hubby has been a big help though. He's taken care of bath time, lunches, dinner etc etc etc. He even did the sweetest thing this morning. We realized late last night that we were almost out of bread. We had 2 good pieces & 2 butt pieces (you know the end pieces) left. It would have bothered me knowing that the girls had butt sandwiches for lunch, but I had to let it go. This morning he took it upon himself to stop by the store & pick up lunchables so they wouldn't have to endure weird sandwiches. :) What a good dad! huh? 

My friend Linda came over today for lunch. I told her... only a good friend like her would I allow into such a messy house! We had great conversation & a yummy lunch that she fixed for me. She said she just wanted to come over & keep me company... What would we do w/o good friends?

It's amazing how much quality time w/ others you find when you don't have a choice but to lay or sit around! The oldest babe is w/ her dad tonight, but the middle babe & I took a blanket outside under the tree this evening & played a game of memory. How fun! I really should let housework go more often so that I can just take the time to enjoy the girls (& the hubby). Shouldn't we all??  Isn't that what it's all about anyway! 

2 1/2 more days of bed-rest. I see a lot of board games & movies in store for me this weekend... and snuggles too... 


  1. aww...
    let me know if you need some company or some other game partners :)

    ~amanda taylor

  2. Don't be suprised if I just show up!

  3. I love the pics!! See you this morning!
    Love you! Mom