Tuesday, September 30

Open Wide!

I'm not really sure how it started but the middle babe has a weird habit of asking everyone to smell her breath after she brushes her teeth. She wants everyone to know just how minty fresh her mouth is. This morning after she brushed her teeth she ran into my room where I was lying down & as she usually does energetically plops down beside me & says "mom, smell my breath" as she opens wide & huffs in my face. Silly girl. Well this morning after I got a nice whiff she says "OK, now open your mouth so the baby can smell". I took me a second to understand... she didn't want to smell my breath she wanted to huff into my mouth so the nice minty aroma could travel down to the baby :) That girl cracks me up. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant she always asked me to open my mouth so she could talk into it to the baby. As my stomach grew she realized she could just talk to my belly & she would hear her just fine. She was also (& probably still is) so confused about how the baby was going to come out of my tummy. A few explanations we got were... She'd come up & out of my mouth or she'd come out while I was on the toilet. I've gracefully danced around the actual answer... I figure it might freak her out a little. I simple say... the doctor will get her out. So far it's a good enough answer to quench the curiosity. Once she does come out I'm sure the baby will be next in line to get nice minty whiffs of the middle babe's breath each morning & evening!


  1. Reece will certainly get more than one or two from her....trust me! That is hilarious!

  2. That is so cute! Lance does that from time to time.. wants me to smell his breath after he brushes. He also wants me to see how "sparkly clean" they are. Olivia is so adorable! That's great that she is already including her little sister on the simple things like smelling her breathe! hahah