Saturday, October 4

The State Fair

I would have to say that The State Fair is one of my all time favorite things to do during the year. I LOVE IT... the smells, the rickety rides, the yummy food, walking through the exhibits, the shows... Needless to say I am a bit bummed that I can't go this year. Although very tempted I decided that it wasn't the best decision. I can barely make it up the steps w/o feeling like I'm going to pass out. I could only imagine how I'd feel after hours of walking through the crowds at the fair. Thankfully the girls got to go last night. My mom, dad & lil bro took them out there after school. They didn't get home until shortly after midnight. Although totally pooped- the oldest babe dramatically threw herself down in the foyer as she came through the front door letting us know just how exhausted she was (I'm still trying to figure out why we have that girl enrolled in drama classes on Thursdays... she pretty much has the drama thing nailed down :)...) they had a great time!

The hubby & I (AKA Grandpa & Grandma) had a good time last night too. Unfortunately the full revelation of our "uncool" status was realized though. We went on a date :) ... to Shoney's. That's right... home of the waving Shoney Bear & hot fudge cake! (Not to mention also home of the many newspaper reading white haired folks.) Not only were we hanging out at Shoney's on a Friday night but we also played a game of rummy while we waiting for our food... we then proceeded to pay, but not w/o out using our 10% off coupon. Yes my friends, it's official... we're no longer hip (do people still say hip?... I certainly wouldn't know!) We had fun though... so I guess that's all that matters!  

Here are a few fair pics...  

The oldest babe & my lil bro... This pic makes me happy...

What's up w/ the new pose? 

My parents... 

How fun... 


  1. Hip!? are you kidding me...yes people still say hip...and if they don't they aren't really cool...LOL! I know what you mean though...on a side note...we love roller coasters...I mean we can eat and ride and we're just fine...although I had to wonder after a day of riding...followed by aches and pains...if I weren't getting too old for such a feat...this thought quickly passed as I time I'll just pop a few tylenol before hand...not getting not me!! Love ya girly!

  2. This was a day I will never forget! We had a ball! Love you! Mom