Saturday, October 24

butt problems

The other day Olivia came up to me and whispered... "mommy, I need help with my butt". Apparently she was having problems with her anus. (My anatomy teachers says I should be using proper anatomic terms in my regular vocabulary... sorry.) I told her she probably wasn't wiping very good.

After her next trip to the bathroom she approached me with deep concern in her eyes. She slowly lifted her head & her eyes met mine. She took a deep breath & then let out a big sigh.

I inquired... "what's wrong babe?"

After a slight pause she leaned forward and softly explained... "mom, I think I have a fart allergy."

That girl cracks me up.

Thursday, October 22

1 today

Dear sweet baby Reece.

You entered this world 1 year ago today!

Mommy just wanted to let you know how grateful she is to have you in my life.

I love how we get to spend our days together... just me and you.
I love that special time with you.

I love your wide open mouth kisses and how you
love to lay your head on my chest
and snuggle real tight... still.

I love it when you wrap your arms around my neck &
pat my back to let me know how much I mean to you.

I love the joy you bring to my heart and
the great big world around you.

You truly are a sweet baby Reece.

I'm so glad I get to be your mommy!

happy birthday Reecy poo.

mommy loves you bunches!

Monday, October 19

first shoot with lucy

Stephen & the girls came through the door today with a big ol' pink gift bag singing happy birthday to me.

It's not my birthday.

My birthday isn't for another couple of weeks. My husband is like me when it comes to giving surprises. He just can't wait. I love that about him. He bought Lucy a new home...

and a few other accessories (lens cap keeper & a lens cleaner kit). He's so thoughtful.

I was wrong in my previous post... Lucy was my friend's back up... not the back up to his back up. I was wondering....

Oh, & it's not a Rebel 10D... apparently there is no such thing. It comes from the Prosumer line... a step above the Rebels. Thank you Lord!

This is all foreign to me. I'm still learning. I'm going to start with the owners manual.


When we first bought our townhouse I loved everything about it except for the fact that the girls didn't have a back yard. We do however have a large field across the street that the girls have always enjoyed. Imagine our excitement when we found out they were installing a playground in the field!!! We love it. They finished it about a week ago.

What a perfect location for my first shoot with Lucy...

(The above one is my fave)

I was having fun.. can you tell?

I'm in love!

Sunday, October 18


We just wrappd up Campmeeting. This is an annual event at our church. We have guest speakers come in to preach, teach... it's services twice a day for 6 days. Scrumdiddliumcious! I love it. This year has been amazing. One of the best.

After one of the night services I ran into a friend who had a Canon slung over his shoulder. It was one of those fancy full body ones. He told me the name, but I can't remember. Anyway I proceeded to tell him about my ol' faithful point and shoot & it's recent death. He mourned with me for a bit. After I told him I wanted a Rebel he let me hold his Canon... I think he noticed I was staring. I snuggled, err, I mean fiddled with it a bit & handed it back over. He told me to let him know when I was ready to buy because he could help me find a good deal... he's always on the hunt for new goodies, I'm sure.

The next morning at church Stephen was chatting with him (they work in the media department together). When all of a sudden he told Stephen in an "Oh by the way" kinda manner... I have a Canon Rebel 10D that I want to bless you guys with. He said... "it's the back up to my back up camera. I rarely use it & I feel like you guys should have it." I'm sure Stephen sat there stunned for a bit & then told him that I was going to freak out... actually I'm sure it sounded more like... "dude, my wife is gonna flip"....

I did!

This is beyond awesome. God is SO good. We are on a tight budget right now with me going to school and not working and all. I've been talking about & dreaming about a Rebel... knowing that realistically even a used one is not really in the budget for us right now. When Stephen told me about it the first thing I could think of is how good God is. I mean seriously. He cares so much about us.... right down to the teeny weeny details like my obsessing desire to have a new camera.

I'm so grateful.

He's such a faithful provider!

Meet Lucille, I call her Lucy for short...

Thank you Lord!

Friday, October 9

state fair 2009

I LOVE the state fair... besides Christmas I can't think of a more favorite day of the year than the day we get to go to the fair. I've been going every year since I was a little girl. The girls got to go last year but I didn't because I was very pregnant & very miserable. I missed it and was happy to be reunited with the singing pig, rickety rides and fried fair foods this year.

My camera stopped working on me shortly after I got there though. drats! These are the pics I was able to snap before it went out on me...
(this one was an accident... turned out pretty cool though)

Once the camera stopped working I managed to squeeze these out of Stephen's cell phone before the juice ran out. double drats...
(demolition derby... my newest favorite thing. Who knew watching cars flip over & bash into each other could be so much fun? Olivia decided she wants to be a demolition derby driver when she grows up... no worries... She also wants to be a teacher, a veterinarian, a singer, a nurse & a doctor... all at the same time, she says.)

(mom, maddy, my bro, me... mom kicks butt at this game.
She won. I lost... bad)

(mom & Maddy)

(My cousin & her little girl with Liv... right before Liv chickened out & jumped off of the ride.)

(the only, err, I mean... the best picture I was able to get of Stephen & my dad... watching the derby)

Have I mentioned lately my newest heart's desire...
Just saying.