Saturday, October 3

YAM "Reach for the Scars" small group launch

We had the YAM gang over last night for our "Reach for the Scars" small group launch.

These pictures are not from last night... they are from another get together with them that we had @ the house recently.

I love having them come over. Our house is far from where I'd like to see it.... the kitchen is still completely out of order & in the midst of being remodeled. Our carpet has stains that are driving me mad, I have paint marks all over the living room from where I started painting the ceiling & need to finish the walls, I have finger prints all over the railings & walls, we have a mismatched bathroom downstairs... but you know what... when they come over it's all OK. I just love to see them having a good time in our home.

I used to be intimidated by this group of young adults because I was afraid I wouldn't be cool enough or knowledgeable enough to lead them... but what I'm starting to realize is that we are a group together. Stephen & I may be the department heads of this ministry but they teach us just as much as we teach them.

I love the connectivity. I always go away from these times together with a full and happy heart.

Thank you Lord for the privilege to be a part of this!


  1. Oh Kasie!!! I love these photos, I love that they come over and hang out at your house, and that they get that special time together as a group. It's so important to have that kind of fellowship, and to have leaders they're comfortable with. What a privilege indeed... this is great.

    You know what? Maybe if your house was "perfect" (is there such a thing, LOL), they wouldn't feel as "at home" there... this way, it feels more... "real"... does that make sense?

    I believe Ann Voskamp wrote about having a "perfect"/"clean" house and hosting others at her house a while back, and something about her post stirred something deep within me. Check it out:

    P.S. for what it's worth, our house is a mess at all times. But the neighborhood kids are allowed here, because we allow "real life" here, like you do. The other parents don't allow kids to play at their house, because they couldn't be bothered with "the hassle, the mess". Kasie, you and I, let's let THEM have the perfect homes... I think ours is perfect in it's imperfection, don't you think? :o)

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You guys are perfect for them...God knows what he's doing for sure! I pray your group continues to grow and be a light to the world! I know New York certainly was blessed by you wait and see what God can do next!

  3. so awesome, can't wait to see what's next... Oh and please tell me how ChuuckO can be apart and I can't....isn't he like 30ish (my age) you girl..

  4. What a joy and blessing to be a part of such a ministry. How I wish I had been involved in a goup like that when I was a teen.

    And my dear "there ain't no such thing as a house that will ever be done." I've just come to terms with it. My house is a work in progress...thing will get done, well...when they get done. I know those teens love ya'll for who you are in christ.