Saturday, October 24

butt problems

The other day Olivia came up to me and whispered... "mommy, I need help with my butt". Apparently she was having problems with her anus. (My anatomy teachers says I should be using proper anatomic terms in my regular vocabulary... sorry.) I told her she probably wasn't wiping very good.

After her next trip to the bathroom she approached me with deep concern in her eyes. She slowly lifted her head & her eyes met mine. She took a deep breath & then let out a big sigh.

I inquired... "what's wrong babe?"

After a slight pause she leaned forward and softly explained... "mom, I think I have a fart allergy."

That girl cracks me up.


  1. In that case, Praise God she is not a man named Terry...

    Kids say the most classic, hilarious things, don't they? I hope her bottom feels better soon. And no, I don't use the proper vocabulary. Life's too short for that ;) LOL!

  2. Rolling in my chair laughing! Way to funny that she said that to you!


  3. That's hilarious. Kids are so dramatic, aren't they?!! Livie is a hoot!