Friday, August 28

Nursing School Journey Log 2

Thank the Lord that Chemistry is over! I feel like I've been gypped. Honestly I really don't think Chemistry would have been that horrible. I was fascinated with the material... especially balancing equations. I could do those for fun... I guess I'm a nerd like that. But God bless my professor. Gee whiz.... I was extremely intimidated at first because I felt so clueless. It was supposed to be a basic intro to Chemistry class, but it was anything but basic. I wouldn't dare ask questions though because those who did got ridiculed & almost yelled at. ARGH! I felt a lot better when one girl (who is almost finished with her pre-requs) told me that his was the hardest & most ridiculous that she had taken. I ended up teaching myself out of the book & online. The frustrating thing is that the test contained material that was NEVER mentioned & no where to be found in the book. Thankfully though he graded on an extreme curve. (He had to or no one would have passed) I was in the top percentage which made me happy.... just left me feeling like I could have learned a lot more. I think I got the basics down & thankfully there isn't too much Chemistry involved in nursing... at least I don't think there is.

Now... on to better & more exciting subjects. This semester I'm taking Anatomy, Developmental Psychology, Sociology & College Success Skills. I started classes on Monday. I've been bouncing off the wall with excitement. Stephen burst my little bubble of happiness though when he reminded me the joy would soon wear off after a couple of weeks... gee, thanks babe. I just love school though. Something about taking notes, learning new things, making study note-cards (the picture above were my final Chem cards)... & school supplies.... ahhh, there's something about school supply shopping that puts a smile on my face... even if that means a trip to Wally World to get the best deals. 

My class schedule is Mon, Wed & Fridays 8-11am (College Success Skills will have me there until 12 during the 2nd 1/2 of the semester) & my sociology class is online. Although I could walk to one of the college campuses (there are 3 in Richmond... 3 for this particular college that is)... I'm taking all of my classes downtown, in the city. The times I wanted worked out better down there. It's exciting & I should get used to that campus anyway b/c all of my nursing courses will be down there. 

I got a full government grant & approval for a government student loan! That means all of my tuition & books are paid for in full & then some. Yippee! An old friend from school saw my blog & happened to have the anatomy book that I needed. She sent me a message on Facebook to let me know I could borrow it. We hooked up the the day for a play-date with the kids. It was so nice to see her & so nice of her to let me borrow the book... it saved me about $200. (if you're reading Amber... thanks again!!!

Stephen & I have decided that I am not going to work. My focus right now will be on YAM & keeping my GPA up (after all without a high GPA I won't be accepted into the nursing program & then it will all be for nothing anyway). Besides I can already tell this semester is going to be quite the load. Stephen has been 100% supportive & I'm grateful for that.

The girls start back Tuesday. I'm working on our schedule for the school year. Hopefully without the pregnant hormones, this years schedule will go better than last years... which ended in a bathroom meltdown. Boy, I do not miss being pregnant. I believe things will flow better this year. Since I'll be home I can get them directly from school (3:30p) which makes for a longer evening to get everything done.

I am comfortable with the pace of my life right now... which makes me happy! 

Monday, August 24

100 in a year

If I keep up at this pace & blog until I'm 90 then I'll have over 6,000 posts. That's a whole lotta blog for the kids & grandkids to weed through. Sounds fun to me! 

My original reasons for starting this blog are the same really. I have made new friends on here & my relationships have grown with some due to our constant connection via blog world & I have enjoyed looking back over the past months to remind me of things we've done, funny things the kids have said, as well as looking back through pictures I've taken.... but I'm not so sure the out of town family still keeps up or not... 

What I didn't realize is how much I would actually enjoy blogging. I'd rather do this than scrapbook any day! 

Happy blog anniversary to ME! 

PS- as you can see I changed my blog name. Kasie's Khronikles has a nice ring to it... I think. I'm still not so sure about the floating head picture though. We'll see... it's late. I may or may not like it in the morning. 

Saturday, August 22

just because...

he loves me so... 
He's working on an NYC documentary & a little family vacation video that I can't wait to share!

Saturday, August 8

quick stop @ home

I'm back from NYC!

I had every intention of Twittering (I'm allowed to make up my own words on my own blog, right?)  while I was on the trip but every time I thought to tweet I just couldn't put into a simple status the tremendous things that were on my heart. A simple tweet just wouldn't do. So I will wait & write a blog soon about my experience. I knew God was up to big things, but it was bigger & better than I could have imagined... God seems to do that sort of thing most of the time! As I expected my world has been rocked out of its cozy little warm spot of complacency. 

I come home with a strong urgency to share the love of God like I've never done before. I read in a book on the way home... "you can't win the masses to Christianity until you begin to live it." I want to live it... not just go through the Christian motions. I'm ready for something bigger & better. God is stirring something brand new & wonderful in my heart. I come home with a new appreciation for relationships... not only with others, but a new, more intimate relationship with my Savior as well. 

So many details to come. 

The team arrived in Richmond tonight around 7:30p. My parents picked us up from the train station tonight & brought us home to a big surprise. Mom (with a little help from my dad & brother) cleaned the entire house for us. Not just cleaned but purged closets, scrubbed floors, organized "hot spots" that I've been dreading to even think about organizing myself. What a sweet wonderful treat to come home to! She's the best... & not just because she cleans my house & weeds my garden! Stephen & I will head out in the morning to Kentucky. I miss the girls so much & can't wait to see them. I would be in bed right now but I promised the team I'd post pictures on Facebook so they wouldn't have to wait an entire week. It's taking forever though so I'm going to sleep while they load. 

Good night! 

Sunday, August 2

I'm leaving on an Amtrak

I'll be in New York City by this afternoon. 

I met my in laws 1/2 way on Thursday & dropped the girls off with them... they were excited & so was I!

Thursday night I connected my Twitter account to my blog & Facebook so I could "stay connected" (see it over there on the right).... now I won't develop a withdrawal twitch!

Friday was the first time I've been childless in a LONG time... I was completely unproductive all day... and paid for it yesterday. 

Yesterday was errands all day long... which inevitably led me to Wal-mart b/c I still wasn't done when all the other stores were closed.... 

This morning, despite little rest I am extremely excited! This is going to be an awesome week & I can't wait to share pictures & stories about what God is gonna do!

Love & Blessings to ya!