Monday, August 24

100 in a year

If I keep up at this pace & blog until I'm 90 then I'll have over 6,000 posts. That's a whole lotta blog for the kids & grandkids to weed through. Sounds fun to me! 

My original reasons for starting this blog are the same really. I have made new friends on here & my relationships have grown with some due to our constant connection via blog world & I have enjoyed looking back over the past months to remind me of things we've done, funny things the kids have said, as well as looking back through pictures I've taken.... but I'm not so sure the out of town family still keeps up or not... 

What I didn't realize is how much I would actually enjoy blogging. I'd rather do this than scrapbook any day! 

Happy blog anniversary to ME! 

PS- as you can see I changed my blog name. Kasie's Khronikles has a nice ring to it... I think. I'm still not so sure about the floating head picture though. We'll see... it's late. I may or may not like it in the morning. 


  1. Hey Kasie,
    Love the name and picture. Blogging is fun. Hey I'm so glad NYC was a success. It's a city that needs Jesus actually any city needs Jesus. I am doing the count down. I've got an appt. today..can't wait til my baby is born! Love ya girl!

  2. Happy Blogaversary to you!!!! ;-)