Saturday, August 8

quick stop @ home

I'm back from NYC!

I had every intention of Twittering (I'm allowed to make up my own words on my own blog, right?)  while I was on the trip but every time I thought to tweet I just couldn't put into a simple status the tremendous things that were on my heart. A simple tweet just wouldn't do. So I will wait & write a blog soon about my experience. I knew God was up to big things, but it was bigger & better than I could have imagined... God seems to do that sort of thing most of the time! As I expected my world has been rocked out of its cozy little warm spot of complacency. 

I come home with a strong urgency to share the love of God like I've never done before. I read in a book on the way home... "you can't win the masses to Christianity until you begin to live it." I want to live it... not just go through the Christian motions. I'm ready for something bigger & better. God is stirring something brand new & wonderful in my heart. I come home with a new appreciation for relationships... not only with others, but a new, more intimate relationship with my Savior as well. 

So many details to come. 

The team arrived in Richmond tonight around 7:30p. My parents picked us up from the train station tonight & brought us home to a big surprise. Mom (with a little help from my dad & brother) cleaned the entire house for us. Not just cleaned but purged closets, scrubbed floors, organized "hot spots" that I've been dreading to even think about organizing myself. What a sweet wonderful treat to come home to! She's the best... & not just because she cleans my house & weeds my garden! Stephen & I will head out in the morning to Kentucky. I miss the girls so much & can't wait to see them. I would be in bed right now but I promised the team I'd post pictures on Facebook so they wouldn't have to wait an entire week. It's taking forever though so I'm going to sleep while they load. 

Good night! 


  1. so exciting, I can't wait to hear all about it....mainly so I can get stirred up as well. love ya~