Saturday, August 30

My productive Saturday

I love Saturdays... even though I'm usually pooped by the end of them. Seems like Saturdays have been so busy lately. Actually now that school has started back life has gotten a lot busier already. In a good way though. I always love this time of year... getting into a new routine, setting goals for the school year, SOME days with a cooler feel to them. NOT today though... it was SO hot. The day started out w/ a trip to a park for my middle babe's little friends b-day party. She & I went alone. My hubby & oldest babe stayed home to read (she is finishing up a book report project). My middle babe had a blast at the party... she found a new favorite toy... the balloon! She has finally conquered the challenge of blowing one up all by herself. May not seem like a big deal but to her it was like reaching the top of a mountain. Anyway, when we got home my hubby & I decided we should take advantage of the Labor Day sales so we went out to buy our new stroller combo for the baby...

 We also went to Home Depot & FINALLY bought the paint for the nursery... WOO HOO! (paint colors: Frosted Pomegrante & Old Fashioned Pink.) I have procrastinated long enough! It's time to get everything wrapped up & ready for the baby. I don't have to be at church for the early service so my plan is to stay up for a bit & work on the nursery. Times a tickin'.... 

Wednesday, August 27

34 week check up

I had my 34 week check-up today. At the last visit my midwife told me that the babe was still breech (bottom down). She said at that point it wasn't a big deal but she would have to flip soon. I think I've been worrying a bit too much about this. I think my worry stems from the fact that my hubby & I have decided that we are going to have a natural birth this go round. I originally made this decision for 2 reasons... #1- I felt like I had no control in my last 2 deliveries (not just felt like it- I didn't) I was hooked to the monitor the entire time. I got to hold them for a brief moment directly after they were born before they were whisked away for tests & cleaning. I realized there had to be a better way. #2- I just wanted to experience it. Women have been having babies naturally for years.

So anyway, since I made this decision I have learned SO much about the benefits of it & how so many women are robbed of the experience of natural birth. If you don't know what your options are you simple go with the flow... Anyway off of that soap box, I'll just say that through my birth class & books I've learned SO much & am so excited about this birth. So I guess that explains the worry over the breech thing. The midwife did an external exam this morning. She felt the 2 lumps & couldn't figure out which was the head & which was the bum. So right now I'm not sure what position she is in. I go back in 2 weeks & if they can't tell they will do an ultrasound. If she is still breech the doctor can perform a procedure called an external version. In other words the doctor will physically try to turn the baby externally with his hands. This just sounds weird to me. There are few complications involved but I really don't like the sound of it. So I am just praying that she will turn on her own. I also found some exercises that will help. As of right now there is only 1 doctor in Richmond who will deliver a baby breech & he does it in the OR just in case of any emergency. I can understand bc there are so many risks in delivering a breech baby. The baby has to be in position by 37 weeks or they schedule a C-section.  I just need to stop worrying & trust that everything will be OK. Really it's not even an issue bc she still have a lot of wiggle room & for all I know she IS in position!. Other than that everything went great at the visit. She will see me again in 2 weeks & then every week til she arrives :) I'm working on my birth plan & should have it ready by the next visit. Good times! 

Tuesday, August 26

1st Day of School

The girls started back to school today! My oldest babe is a big 5th grader & my middle babe has bumped up to K4 :) Both girls said they had a great day... even though the day started with a house full of sleepy heads... 

This has been a great summer. We went to an amusement park a lot... spent the night at the beach one weekend. It's been a lot of fun, but it seemed to go by too fast. I was able to work from home which was nice. It was a bit of a struggle finding the balance btw work & home. The girls were super good for me so I was able to get my work done but I felt bad a lot of days bc I'm sure they got bored during my work hours. August has been especially rough bc I've felt way too... well... umm... PREGNANT to even think about going outside in the heat. Mom was a big help though. She came over quite a bit & took the girls to the pool for me while I got work done. I was excited about the girls starting back today though. School is cool even though my oldest babe had to put on a front that it's not. I know deep down she was really excited. This is her new teacher... 

She is stoked about him. He seems to be a very sweet man. He strikes me as a very inspiring person. It's his 2nd year @ their school we've heard nothing but WONDERFUL things about him. I'm so thankful that my oldest babe is back at private school! I know it's where she belongs & I believe this is going to be the best year yet! Even though she has been walking around PRETENDING to not be excited about school. My middle babe has been bouncing of the walls w/ excitement. She ended up with the same teacher that she had last year as a teachers aid. She is very sweet & my babe loves her a bunch. We learned at orientation that she will be reading a bit by the end of the school year. That amazes me. It was all smiles when I picked them up @ 3:35p... & despite my oldest babe's "cool" status she was full of stories about her first day! It's going to be a great school year! 

Here are a few pics... 

Sunday, August 24

1st Blog... YAY

Well, I mainly wanted to start this blog for me. I'm 8 months pregnant & have 2 great kids. My mid-wife & natural birth class instructor keep asking me questions about my labor w/ my 2nd babe & I can't seem to remember much of it at all. Who knows why... it was only 5 years ago! I'm also sure there is a ton of other cool things about their early years that I'm forgetting as well. I just want a place that I can track it all... random thoughts, funny pics, stories etc. A place where I can keep it all & be able to remember. I don't know much about this site yet but hopefully it will be a place where I can make new friends & stay connected to some current friends too. With long distant family it will also be a nice place to to send them for updates on the fam. So anyway...  it's 4a... I haven't been asleep since 1a. Who knows why. I had a long day yesterday so I should be exalted. I'm so not. I feel like I want to sleep but my body is not letting me. I HATE that... especially since I was  SUPPOSED to be at church at 7:15am (I work in the children's ministry so I have to be there super early). So much for that.  Fortunately I have a good team that will cover for me. I think I may have had some braxton hicks & that is part of the sleep issue. Don't know for sure though... maybe it's the tacos I ate for dinner... ARGH. My oldest babe has an open house today for her new drama class so I am going to attempt to go to sleep for at least a few hours. Ta ta for now.