Tuesday, August 26

1st Day of School

The girls started back to school today! My oldest babe is a big 5th grader & my middle babe has bumped up to K4 :) Both girls said they had a great day... even though the day started with a house full of sleepy heads... 

This has been a great summer. We went to an amusement park a lot... spent the night at the beach one weekend. It's been a lot of fun, but it seemed to go by too fast. I was able to work from home which was nice. It was a bit of a struggle finding the balance btw work & home. The girls were super good for me so I was able to get my work done but I felt bad a lot of days bc I'm sure they got bored during my work hours. August has been especially rough bc I've felt way too... well... umm... PREGNANT to even think about going outside in the heat. Mom was a big help though. She came over quite a bit & took the girls to the pool for me while I got work done. I was excited about the girls starting back today though. School is cool even though my oldest babe had to put on a front that it's not. I know deep down she was really excited. This is her new teacher... 

She is stoked about him. He seems to be a very sweet man. He strikes me as a very inspiring person. It's his 2nd year @ their school we've heard nothing but WONDERFUL things about him. I'm so thankful that my oldest babe is back at private school! I know it's where she belongs & I believe this is going to be the best year yet! Even though she has been walking around PRETENDING to not be excited about school. My middle babe has been bouncing of the walls w/ excitement. She ended up with the same teacher that she had last year as a teachers aid. She is very sweet & my babe loves her a bunch. We learned at orientation that she will be reading a bit by the end of the school year. That amazes me. It was all smiles when I picked them up @ 3:35p... & despite my oldest babe's "cool" status she was full of stories about her first day! It's going to be a great school year! 

Here are a few pics... 


  1. That is so adorabele, the pics of them half asleep at the breakfast table! HA!

  2. I love these pics! My beautiful girls!!! Love you, Mom