Sunday, August 24

1st Blog... YAY

Well, I mainly wanted to start this blog for me. I'm 8 months pregnant & have 2 great kids. My mid-wife & natural birth class instructor keep asking me questions about my labor w/ my 2nd babe & I can't seem to remember much of it at all. Who knows why... it was only 5 years ago! I'm also sure there is a ton of other cool things about their early years that I'm forgetting as well. I just want a place that I can track it all... random thoughts, funny pics, stories etc. A place where I can keep it all & be able to remember. I don't know much about this site yet but hopefully it will be a place where I can make new friends & stay connected to some current friends too. With long distant family it will also be a nice place to to send them for updates on the fam. So anyway...  it's 4a... I haven't been asleep since 1a. Who knows why. I had a long day yesterday so I should be exalted. I'm so not. I feel like I want to sleep but my body is not letting me. I HATE that... especially since I was  SUPPOSED to be at church at 7:15am (I work in the children's ministry so I have to be there super early). So much for that.  Fortunately I have a good team that will cover for me. I think I may have had some braxton hicks & that is part of the sleep issue. Don't know for sure though... maybe it's the tacos I ate for dinner... ARGH. My oldest babe has an open house today for her new drama class so I am going to attempt to go to sleep for at least a few hours. Ta ta for now.


  1. Your one brave woman for posting a sleepy pic! I always look awful! I pray you got some great sleep! Love you!

  2. Hey honey!!! Hope you are feeling better! I am back home! I had a great time but I missed ya'll so much! Love you!! Mom