Sunday, August 2

I'm leaving on an Amtrak

I'll be in New York City by this afternoon. 

I met my in laws 1/2 way on Thursday & dropped the girls off with them... they were excited & so was I!

Thursday night I connected my Twitter account to my blog & Facebook so I could "stay connected" (see it over there on the right).... now I won't develop a withdrawal twitch!

Friday was the first time I've been childless in a LONG time... I was completely unproductive all day... and paid for it yesterday. 

Yesterday was errands all day long... which inevitably led me to Wal-mart b/c I still wasn't done when all the other stores were closed.... 

This morning, despite little rest I am extremely excited! This is going to be an awesome week & I can't wait to share pictures & stories about what God is gonna do!

Love & Blessings to ya! 


  1. Have a wonderful time Kasie! I can't wait to hear and "see" all about your missions trip.

    Be safe...hugs & blessings,

  2. Hey Kasie,
    I know you are getting a ton of people saved in NYC! Just a heads up...I started another blog...come join me!

    Love ya!