Tuesday, July 28

no time to talk

I told myself at the beginning of the week that since I had so much to do I wouldn't let myself blog until I got it all done (you know, part of the whole "balance, prioritize" thing) SO, because I'm not finished with everything yet unfortunalty I don't have time to tell you about my trip to King's Dominion that I took with just Madison the other day...

I wouldn't be able to tell you how proud I was of myself for overcoming my rollercoater fear. I'm just too daggon stubborn to allow fear to keep me from what I used to love so much. But unfortunately I don't have time to tell you about that or how when we first got there & I saw this...

...& I almost passed out because I knew it was the first ride on the list of coasters that I had already promised Maddy I would ride with her. I wouldn't have time to tell you that I closed my eyes the entire time we clinked our way up that big ol' hill...

and flipped through that big ol' loop...

I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a moment or two from sheer terror. Thankfully, I survived (obviously

I also don't have time to tell you that after I rode that I conquered these as well...

I say I was so proud of myself because by the end of the day I talked Maddy into riding on the FRONT seat of the very one that scared me so bad at the beginning of the day...

AND I kept my eyes open the entire time... but we don't have time to go into those kind of details!

I also don't have time to talk about our recent hopscotch adventures...

OR share how I finally captured a picture of those 2 tiny teeth....

SO, I'll just say Hi instead & ask that you say a prayer for the upcoming missions trip!

OK, I'm off to study...

(No glamour here people)

like I did ALL day Saturday- "AKA- the kid's "Entertain Yourself Day"... but we don't have time to go into all that, now do we? 


  1. Girl, you are my hero, you are.... wow.... I always wonder if I'd have the guts to do the loop-de-loop roller coasters, but my biggest fear would be peeing myself, seriously... How sad is that? I'd love to try it someday, though (the roller coaster, not peeing myself since that already happens way too often, alas!)

    Looks like tons of fun! We've been busy here too, and there's less than a week before I go back to work... :o(

    Praying for your mission trip! You rock, girl, you rock. Studying, mission trips and roller coasters. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!

  2. I'll be praying for you missions trip. Looks like you and Maddy had an awesome day! I love Kings Dominion...

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    Please let friends, family etc. know too! :)

  4. What a sweet day you and Madison had together. I have no doubt the two of you enjoyed each others company.

    Love the last pix of you!!!