Sunday, July 26


Is it just me or is this summer zooming by. It’s so cliché, but so true… time flies when you’re having fun... and fun we are having! This summer has been so wonderful. I have really enjoyed my kiddos (& everyone else's for that matter) this summer!
I’m looking at the calendar & realizing that we have about 5 weeks left before school starts back. 2 of those weeks we will be out of town! 
Our New York City Missions trip is coming up the 1st week in August (we leave NEXT weekend... woo hoo) & then we are going on family vacation. You heard it right folks… family vacation for FREEEEE (OK, that was an Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories impression… get it?) Moving right along. Yes a family vacation & we are so darn excited. Stephen decided to take an extra week off when we get back. SO we will stay in Kentucky (with the in-laws, which is where the kiddos will be while we are in NYC) for a few days and then we are going to hit the river. You heard it right folks… the river (OK, played out… scratch that last part) My aunt & uncle have offered us their place at the river. Remember… the place where my little ol’ heart is happy as can be?!? Yes, THAT ONE! 
I’m so daggon excited (I think I already said that). This week is going to be busy though. I have to pack, clean, laundry, and STUDY. I have a test & my final this week... plus a few other things to do to get ready for the trip.
God is so good though. Through our fundraising (rummage sale & coffee sales) the entire trip is paid in full WITH spending money. And to think... I actually stood in front of the team during our first team meeting & told them NOT to count on the fundraising to bring ALL of the money in. Don't listen to me, what do I know?!?... oh yea of little faith. Thank you Jesus! 
The trip will mostly be a work trip (soup kitchens, homeless shelters, under privileged kids etc.) We’ll also get the opportunity to share the gospel, pray for the sick… basically sharing the love of Jesus wherever we go! We partnered up with an organization called CSM. Our pastors have charged us with the task of bringing home as much useful knowledge as possible. So I plan to gain as much from the leadership of these different ministries as possible, with the hopes that we can implement some of it in our city! 
I’m stoked about this trip & I know God is going to do some awesome things! 
Even though I will be with Stephen on the trip there isn’t going to be much down time. Our week is pretty jam packed with ministry opportunities. SO I can’t wait to steal him from work the week after for our family vacation. 

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  1. Hey Kasie,
    You are right when you said, summer is going by fast. I for one am glad (means I'm closer to my due date Sept 9th). Also have a blessed time on your missions trip and vacation. I haven't been to NYC in a long time. Last I was there it was a city that could use the love God. God Bless, in case I don't see or talk to you before you leave!