Wednesday, July 1

A Little Progress & KD Pics

Well I didn't get as much done around the house as I anticipated. Home improvement projects are over for this week. I will be keeping 2 of my friend's children tomorrow (2 new ones) & I completely forgot Stephen has off on Friday (for the holiday). We'll probably go to King's Dominion as a family. We'll see. 

I did get the kitchen walls sanding this week though. All I have to do is putty a few holes & they will be ready to paint... finally! 

As far as the antique piece of furniture... for now, it sits.... chipped wood, crayon marks & all....

I'll make some more progress next week... I hope. 

I finally got the pictures from last week's King's Dominion trip uploaded. The kids had a great time. They were really good for me. Everyone had a buddy, which helped. I plan to take them all back some more this summer. Since we have season passes (with parking included) it's a free day trip... we pack a lunch & eat at the picnic tables. We've also been known to fold all the seats down in the van & chill in the A/C !  As long as the kids behave it's really a great time to be had. See.... 

I'd say Olivia has definitely overcome her fear... 

No Reece, that's NOT grass... stop picking Blue's face hair! 


  1. I haven't been to KD in ages! I'm coming with you guys!!!! ;-)

    And OH MY that desk...what's your plan for it? Did I miss a post where you talked about it? The possiblities for that piece are many!!!!


  2. Mandy,
    Not sure how serious you are but you totally should! I'm serious. We would have so much fun. I'd love to catch up with ya.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Actually this will be my very first piece that I've ever redone. I'm thinking sanding & a varnish. I dunno. Still researching. We have an oriental theme going on in the living room. Any ideas?