Friday, June 19

Ahhh, she loves the green stuff

Reece developed a new fascination @ our recent photo shoot. Can you tell what it is?....

She LOVES GRASS! She loves to play with it, pick it, run her piggys through it. She's fascinated with it. 

We have a green rug in the upstairs bathroom. She must think it's grass b/c she is constantly crawling over to it... to, well, pick it, I guess. 

Crawling on the bathroom floor... not so sanitary, but it's OK when I'm trying to get ready, I guess. That rug could keep her busy for hours! 

Picking daddy's chest hair... 

Not SO OK... 


  1. Awwww!! Isn't it sweet seeing the world through a little one's eyes? Oh, the joy of discoveries... and oooowwwwwww, the pain of some of those discoveries, LOL!

  2. Oh yeah, she likes green just like me..I love it! Another green lover =)