Friday, June 12

In Kasie's Kare

OK, so I'm not starting a daycare or anything, BUT if I was that sure would be a cool name for it, huh?... 

I did start the childcare thing this week though & I must say I have had a wonderful week. I love being home with the kids & they seem to love it as well.. mom's not such a fuddy duddy after all... thank-you-very-much!

Meet Israel: 

I will be keeping him Monday-Thursday & occasional Fridays. He's one of my Bff's little boys. He has been such a good boy this week & we've had lots of fun hanging out with him. 

I decided it would be a good idea to start the day off with an outing or something fun around the house, then eat lunch & then nap time (time for me to study, blog, clean, sleep, whatever!) 

We had a great first week....

Went to the park to take grad pictures of my little bro & "just because" pictures of my mom (pictures to come).

Then we found the perfect spot for a picnic...

Then we fed the animals (no geese were involved... trust me!) ...

Grocery Store... OK, not so fun, but when I told Israel that we were going to the grocery store & it may be a bit boring he said... "It's OK Ms. Kasie, I'll go to the grocery store with you everyday" He's such a sweety! 

I met up with another one of my Bffs Robin (& her 5 kids) for a fun trip to the library. You should have seen us with all 9 kids... who says a library needs to be quiet?!? Not me! 
The kids signed up for the summer reading program, which has been the hot topic of discussion for Liv this week. She is very excited about this & has started her first book "Curious Goerge visits the library". 

After the library we came home & made pizzas for lunch. 

We spent some time at the pool. 

We didn't have Israel today. I watched my friend's 3 daughters this morning though. We made vanilla waffles & watched movies. 

This little doll... 

helped me stir the waffle mix... 

while bug washed the grapes...

What a great week! I know I've said it a million times, but I am so excited to be home this summer! Lots more summer fun pics to come! 

(I've also been doing a little bit of photo editing ( Can you tell?

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  1. Looks like fun! Love the pics..what a cool website!