Tuesday, June 2

Crump Park Part 2

I got so caught up in the goose drama @ the park the other day that I forgot to mention the actual FUN we had :) 

I got some good pictures...

And a few good videos...

Oh, and I should add that I really don't have a horribly huge goose phobia or anything (not HUGE anyway). I didn't freak out til those crazy animals started rubbing up against the back of my legs. You can't see that on the video, you can just see the camera jerk. 

I saw this sign @ Deep Run Park during the Crohn's walk

I couldn't resist getting the picture. Thanks A LOT Crump Park for the GOOSE warning!!!
My suggestion: 

Geese may be overly aggressive 
(running quickly at you, snatching food out of your hand, chasing you down, hissing at each other & you, snipping at & rubbing against you, trampling your small children and totally invading your personal space!
Please be cautious! 


  1. You are hysterical!!! The kiddos are be.a.u.ti.ful!!! Can't wait to keep Reece tommorow!

  2. That would have freaked me slam out! Geese rubbing on you? Oh MY!!

    The girls are too cute, as always!!!