Wednesday, June 10

Gone Fishin'

As we were laying in bed the other night chatting Stephen mentioned... "I need some man space in this house"... He proceeded to tell me how the pink & frills were getting a little much. It was then that I reminded him that he is definitely manly enough to balance out all of the girlie-ness in the house. (wink) I'm sure it can't be easy though to live with 4 girls... you know, if you were a guy & all. Not to mention the fact that we all share 1 bathroom! He does a great job though & I know he wouldn't have it any other way. 

I bought him this to help mark his territory. Let's just pretend there aren't girly flowers underneath... not manly... 

He took off today to go on a fishing trip with a friend from church. His friend owns a boat & they are going to go out on the Chesapeake Bay. He was so excited. I told him he should bring along the the camera & take some pictures. He said no & that he wasn't even going to take his cell phone. He's retreating into the man zone today to fill up on manliness so he can come home to pink bows, frills and shiny sparkly things...  and be totally OK with it! 

I captured this cool shot (or at least I think it's cool) at the Crohns walk the other day. After all the shrieks Tatum & Liv, with their newly found park buds, circled around the bucket. 

So in honor of Daddy's man time today...  


  1. "Pink bows, frills, and shiny sparkly things"...hee, hee! That's too funny! I hope he enjoyed his day!

  2. Girl you and Stephen are tooo funny. I love you guys~

    So how did he do on this "manly" outing =)

    I really think you should give him more than the sign in the yard, kasie... lol