Thursday, June 25

Random Rambling

It's been quite a lazy week.  I've been feeling kinda sluggish & blah. Not really depressed or anything just LAZY.  We did go to King's Dominion on Monday (me & 6 kids, including all 3 of mine)...

Perhaps this has something to do with it... but surely it wouldn't linger all week. I think I'm just in relax mode or something. We've done a lot of bubble blowing, computer playing, board games & movies this week. Reece has had a fever since she woke up yesterday morning. I've been rotating Motrin & Tylenol. I spoke to the nurse today & I plan to take her in the AM if she wakes up again with a fever. 

Stephen & I are sitting here jammin' to some Michael Jackson tunes. AOL radio has a tribute going. Such sad news!

I got back from my mom's a little bit ago. My sister was over with her husband. My sister & I were not in touch for a long time & I've really enjoyed our scattered visits recently. She's a memory machine. She's updating me on all of the childhood memories I've forgotten about. She is so sweet & her hubs is a pretty cool guy too. It's nice getting to know him... & her all over again. We got back in touch around Christmas time. I blogged about it a bit here

I've also been in touch with my real father recently. I haven't seen him since I was 13. I haven't talked to him in years either. He's married & has a little girl who was born on my birthday! She's 8 years old. I've chatted a few times with him on the phone & he wrote me a letter. I even got a few drawings from my little sister. I think they are self portraits :) with a little note that says "I Love you sis". How sweet! I need to get one in the mail to him soon with some pictures of the kids. I can't wait to meet my step mom & lil sis. He lives in SC. We are planning a December trip to do some house hopping. We want to visit them. We also have friends in GA. My very best friend (who is also in nursing school & who I am trying to talk into starting a blog so we can keep in touch better!) moved to FL about a year ago. We will see them for sure. We also have friends who moved to West Palm Beach to start a church. We'll visit them as well. I'm super happy about this trip & I hope we'll be able to make it happen!

Israel isn't coming next week, so I've decided that I'm going to get some painting done & try to refinish a piece of antique furniture. I want to finish this project once & for ALL! (the fact that it's not finished should totally be in a "Not Me Monday" post!... I would never let a home improvement project, especially in my kitchen, linger for nearly a year. Never... not me!) I came across my new favorite website today & it's gotten me a bit motivated... so hopefully I'll get a lot done next week. Definitely won't get anything around the house done this weekend though. My brother is graduating tomorrow night & my cousin is getting married on Saturday. 

I also need to get moving on a church project that I've taken on. I've been recruited to head up the skits for this years VBS. I need to recruit some actors, as well as get costumes & props together. When I worked at the church I helped head up VBS a few years so I'm really excited to be a leader again this year! It's always so much fun. Our VBSs are huge. We usually draw in 350-500 kiddos...ages 3-12! This year's theme is Noah's Adventure 2. It's going to be a good one for sure! 

Time to get out of lazy mode, I guess. 

Well, I was trying to upload some more pics from our outing Monday, but for some reason blogger is taking forever. So I'll post later. 

For now, I'm going to "Beat It" & get in the bed. 

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  1. too funny...I left you a voicemail today asking how the painting was going...

    You can do it...YES YOU CAN!!!