Saturday, January 3

Holiday Headlines

Oh my goodness. It's been over a week since my last post & so much has happened (Christmas- to KY & back, YAM New Years Youth Bash, Baby Alejo has arrived). This very well may be the longest blog ever if I don't try to condense... how about some holiday headlines?... 

"Matching PJs Warms Mom's Heart" 
"Matching PJs torments Oldest Sibling" 
(haha.. it was OK until the middle babe turned to the oldest & said "Look sissy, now everyone can call us the puppy girls!) 

"3 Camera Operators & 10 Pictures Later a Perfect Shot is Captured" 
(The Hubby's Family)  

"Great Granny Meets Baby Girl for the First Time" 
(Granny is in the hospital, doing much better but would still appreciate prayer!) 

"Girl Hooked on Leapster" 

"The Sweetest Christmas Gift this Season" 

"Sisters Reunite after Several Years" 
(My step sister) 

"Siblings Ham it Up @ Christmas Time" 

"Stage is Set for Youth Bash"

"Couple Engaged @ NYE Youth Bash" 
(Congrats John & Mariel- our friends. They help us w/ YAM) 

"Excited Hubby Prepares for Worship Set" 

"Beautiful Mommy Shows Off Bundle of Joy" 

"Proud Aunty Meets New Baby" 

"Beautiful Baby Boy Born... Finally" 

OK... I thought I could be wittier than that... O'well :0)  

It was a great holiday season & I am looking forward to lots of change & great things in '09! 

PS- Here are some other holiday favorites that somehow have not been posted yet... 

Staff lunch.... 

Leadership Banquet...

Ewww, the middle babe's class party... 

Mom just couldn't help herself....


  1. What great pics!! Wow...a lot went on didn't it?? I'm so glad Linda had that baby!! You guys did a great job with the NYEB!!! Love you!

  2. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Love the pictures, as always!