Saturday, January 17

A little bit of competition never hurt anyone, right?

To say that the girls are competitive would be an understatement. Everything seems to be a competition. "I'll beat you to the front door", "I'll beat you up the steps", "I can eat my cereal faster than you can", "I can play the silent game longer than you"...

The hubby really doesn't help matters. I'm pretty sure he's the most competitive person I've met. I guess I can be a little competitive as well. Often when we are leaving somewhere (usually church) in separate vehicles headed home we will race home. This is most definitely provoked by the girl's taunting... b/c responsible adults would never engage in such immature activities otherwise, right? I always win of course... OK, most of the time. 

Unfortunately, the middle babe has learned the art of smack talking from... well, her dad. How often do you see an adult smack talking a 5 year old.... O'yeah it happens. He doesn't mess around when it comes to Candy Land. He's not a very good loser at Rummy either. I have to let him beat me every now & then just so he won't quit on me. Actually he wins in all games. It's quite ridiculous. I don't know how he does it. However rummy seems to be my forte... so I can't let him quit on me for sure or I'd never win any games at all. 

O'yeah & then there was that time last summer when I was 7 months pregnant. We had a staff summer olympics competition. I headed up the red team & he headed up another team... forgot which color. Who made the decision to put the 2 of us in charge? Bad idea! You should have seen the chain of smack talk emails. We got colored t-shirts to represent our team colors. One of my emails from him said something like "you're going down preggo" with a picture like this attached...

Get it. Red shirt+ big belly= ... Ok, you got it. Both of our team tied last place... go figure. 

The girls had a pep rally yesterday. Each class had to come up with a cheer & perform it. The oldest babe's class made 3rd place.... The middle babe's class didn't place at all. Hmmm, you know what comes next...

Yeah, the whole "we're all winners" speech didn't go over so well. 

I'm pretty sure this competitive thing is unhealthy in more ways than 1.... but what can you say? It's all in good fun... as long as I'm the one winning... Just kidding

Of course I got the cheers on video :)...  

The oldest babe (5th grade) 

The middle babe (K4) 

Cute pics from the day.... 

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  1. Too cute! Now we have to have you guys over...cause we are the king and queen of smack talk! LOL! Although, I must say...we've refined it over the years! LOL! And yes I'm pregnant!