Friday, January 23

30 Hours of Hunger

I'm so excited about an upcoming YAM event. We're calling it "30 Hours of Hunger". We are going to fast for 30 hours... start out w/ a prayer event Friday night & food prep, then Saturday head downtown w/ packed lunches, blankets, scarves, hats etc. (donated from the congregation) & then end with a praise service on Saturday night.  God gave me an idea for a video to help promote the event. The idea involved a homeless person interview. The hubby & I were going to head down to Monroe Park one day & offer to buy one of the homeless men coffee, we'd get to know him a bit & then ask if he wouldn't mind an interview on camera. With  kids, it's not so easy to just mosey on downtown w/o the little ones BUT the other day we were sitting in the work room at church & the receptionist came in and asked us what the 30 hours of Hunger was all about. We told her it was for the homeless & she said "well there is a homeless  guy up front if you want to interview him". My mouth dropped open. I thought it was so interesting that she used the word interview. Isn't it awesome how God works things out?!? This is going to be an awesome event! The video turned out GREAT. Good job babe!

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  1. All I can say is AWESOME! God always provides!