Monday, January 5

Fashion Drama

I usually try to let the girls dress themselves the way they like w/o  having too much input. The oldest babe is at the age now, & has been for awhile, where this isn't even an issue... as long as there is nothing showing I'm happy. When they are younger it's a bit more of a challenge. Their little creative minds come up w/ the craziest concoctions out of their closets. The middle babe has been to church with some pretty interesting outfits. She also has a tendency to get attached to particular items of clothing. Her latest fashion infatuation is her new pink Barbie boots. Mom bought them for her before Christmas & she has worn them just about every day. 

A friend of mine bought her some brown leggings for her birthday & she's pretty hooked on those too.

These latest 2 trends are not so bad. I can live w/ brown leggings & cute pink boots (even w/ her new sweat-suit & dresses). The trend before these... not so much! Take a look at the pic & guess which item of clothing it was...

Yes, you guessed right... the hideous black ski mask. Wearing it into places, including church, wasn't good enough... she had to sport it inside too. Oh the funny looks we got... & imagine the hat heads. She's over that now. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that it was "accidently" misplaced.... 

The oldest babe on the other hand is my self proclaimed tomboy. However, recently she has begun to care a little more about how she looks & takes time to put things together. I guess that comes with the pre-teen package. We had to go the other day to take back an outfit that we got her for Christmas. It didn't fit. So we were on the hunt for the perfect pair of "skinny" jeans. Apparently this is the newest thing. Our short shopping trip turned into quite an ordeal.  3 stores, 4 trips to the dressings room w/ heaping loads & 3 1/2 hours later she found the perfect outfit...

 So as you can see. I've had quite a bit of fashion drama here lately. How's my fashion you may ask... Well I'm just happy that I can fit into SOME of my pre-preggo jeans. The oldest babe told me the other day on our shopping trip.. "mom, you dress cool... for a mom". Hmmm, still trying to figure that one out. When I do, I'll let you know.


  1. OMG!!! I busted out laughing at Liv!!! Too funny-I guess I have a lot to look forward to!
    I pray you are feeling better sweetie!!

  2. I'm lovin' all their fashion drama! At least it will be a while before Reece has a say so ;-)

  3. I love it!! Gosh my girls are growing up to fast!! Love ya, Mom