Thursday, January 29

I know what I want to be when I grow up!

OK, I've officially decided on a plan for my future... duhn duhn duuuuuhn. (hopefully you caught that sound effect b/c I'm not really sure how you'd actually spell it! :) )

Anyway, I'm going back to school! 

I'm going to take a summer CNA course to get certified as a Nurse's Assistant & then begin a career in that field while I go to nursing school to become an RN (which should take about 3  years). Woo-Hoo! I have never worked in the medical field, but becoming a nurse is something that I've always thought about. Why wait any longer? I feel like now is the time. Well actually I can't help but think... I wish I'd started out younger... BUT I know it's all a part of the plan & I can't wait to get started. 

Working full time is not a new thing for me... up until last year that's what I was doing anyway. Last year was a nice break... I got to stay home with the kids & work part time at the church. Actually, Friday was my last day working there... I was filling in a temporary part-time position that is no longer needed. Which is OK, b/c another decision for now is that I need to work full time until the summer course starts... SO I'm on a job hunt, which is not such an easy task these days. I had an appointment with a temp agency today. It went well. I should hear something soon. 

I'm super excited about this. When I told the girls I got 2 completely different reactions. 

Maddy: "What?!??! 28 year olds can go to college?"... oh, my sweet dear child

Olivia on the other hand was still hung up on the whole "me not working at the church anymore" thing. Through her teary eyes she said something like "but mommy aren't you going to miss your friends there?" She was very concerned. I just explained that I'll still get to see them all of the time at church. 

So, no more indecisiveness & no more procrastination. I know what I want to be when I grow up & it feels really good to finally have a plan. 

For now I just need a job. Until I get one, I guess I can manage hanging out with this sweet little thing all day. It's a tough job but I suppose someone has to do it! .... 


  1. I think it's awesome you've decided to go back to school. It's never too late!! Nursing and going back to school is always something I've considered as well.

    And that baby oh my...she is just beautiful!!!!

  2. I think that is wonderful Kasie! If there is anything I can do to help.. just let me know. It will be a busy busy schedule but it will all be worth it in the end. Good job! and I'm proud of you!