Monday, June 1

Memorial Day... a week late

Memorial Day weekend was a blast! 

Saturday we went to Kings Dominion... We took Reece, Liv & her little bud Tatum. (Maddy was with her dad, but the girls received season passes for Easter, so we'll go back a lot this summer... especially since I quit my job & now I'm going to be home with the kids ALL summer... I'm so excited & trust me, there will be a blog to come with more details :) !) The pix are blurry b/c I forgot my camera, so I used Stephen's phone...

Reece met Scooby Doo... 

I LOVE this picture... Kings Dominion also has a water park. We sat Reece at the water's edge &  she LOVED it! She kept leaning over trying to drink the water. Too daggon funny! Check out the weird hand effect. 

Monday we went to Ashley's for a cook out. We had so much fun!

The beautiful hostess with the mostest.... 

Reece's first time IN the pool... she is going to be a water bug b/c she LOVED it. Can't you tell? 

She even did a little sun bathing! 

All the BFF's kids (or at least most of them) ...

I love this shot of Robin & I...

Speaking of Robin... did you REALLY think I could NOT post a video after your post?!?! 

(Stephen said we sounded like a bunch of monkeys

Erica, Ashley & Robin I had too much fun on that thing! 

Maddy must have been too busy swimming & bouncing to pause for any pictures! She had a great time too though. 

Family, friends, food & fellowship... good times! 


  1. Thanks for the blackmail girl....I'd keep them anytime!!

  2. That looks like so much fun!! All of it! I'm taking it as good news you quit your job? I sure hope so!! I noticed you were blogging more often.

  3. I'm SO thrilled that you are looking forward to a summer with your kids. I know that you're doing the right thing, the job wasn't right, but the right one will come along. In the meantime, enjoy each moment with the kids!

    I'm taking 6 weeks off this summer, without pay (but averaged out over the year), it's half of what I took off last summer, wish it was 12 weeks again!

    Planning a road trip with the kids to Ohio, maybe Tennessee and back :o)f