Thursday, June 4

So there!

Stephen is at band practice & I need to do the dishes... they are extremely piled up & getting kinda stinky. I need to send the YAM NYC team their trip totals. I need to reply to emails. I need to call my mom & talk to her about my brothers graduation party. I need to give Olivia a bath. I need to get the load of clothes out of the washer. I need to cook pasta for tomorrows 5th grade grad party. I need to read my Bible. I need to wash my hair. I need to fold socks... everyone is out. 

BUT I would much rather skip all that, blog about today's field trip & then snuggle with the girls on the couch & watch Cat in the Hat... as they stay up way past their bed time. 

And that's what I'm gonna do. So there!

Field trip was fun. Went shopping at the mall then to the movie theatre to see Up. My kind of field trip! Very cute movie... a must see for the kiddos! 

Have a great night... I plan to! 


  1. Jillian has been begging me to see "Up". We may do that this weekend :o)

  2. Girl, you are to funny, "So there". How did you do on your test?!?