Tuesday, June 9

Bye Bye 5th Grade

My very 2nd post in blog world was last August. It was about the girls starting school. Here we are in June & the girls are OUT for the summer. Their final day was last Friday. Madison graduated 5th grade! Wow... 

That's all I have to say about that. She starts the youth group this Sunday at church. She is so daggon excited... & I'm excited for her. 

She has grown so much in the last year. See... 
(Maddy with her 5th grade teacher

It's ridiculous! 

Ever since she was born people have questioned the idea of me being her mother in public. I'm sure that has absolutely everything to do with the fact that I look so great for my age & nothing to do with the fact that we are only 17 years apart & she has always looked older than her age.... ahem

But I tell ya... these days I feel like I have to convince people. When she calls out "mom" in a store you should see the heads turn... it never fails. She's growin' up! And don't even think about getting a 12 & under kids meal... gee wiz.. I really feel like I need to break out the birth certificate for the waitress to believe me.

She is almost taller than I am. Trust me... I know... She measures just about every day... back to back. She past me in shoe size months ago. She wears a size 11 ladies! I'm trying to talk her into basketball, but she will have no parts of that. She wants to cheer.... which she plans to. Her school has a cheer team & she will start this summer. 

My sweet little girl is not so little anymore! 

She's starting Middle school
Liv will be going into Kindergarten 
Mama is starting college 
& Reece... well, she is still diggin' the Baby Einstein videos... 

Pics from Maddy's graduation.... 
Yes, that is the principle & yes Madison is taller than she is :)... 

My brother...

My parents...

Just the girls....

Maddy with her dad...

Can you tell she's just a wee bit excited? 

Happy Graduation Mad! I'm very proud of you!


  1. My baby Granddaughter is growing up TO fast!! I am so proud of you Kasie for being such a good Mom! You have done a great job in raising Maddy into the beautiful young lady that she is! I am so proud of you both! Way to go Maddie!
    Love you both so much!!

  2. Boy! I remember her being in Mighty Kids...she was one of the ones we had back when Mighty Kids was
    1st-5th grade. Time flies by! Congrats Madison!

  3. Can you believe it?? I can't believe how much she looks like her Dad!
    Had a great time, despite my bad attitude and the weird man!

  4. Awh! She looks beautiful, grown up and yes, very excited! You've done a fantastic job with her Kasie!

    My Mom was 19 when I was born. Every place we go together people think we are sisters. Every where, always...it never fails for someone to be shocked when I say "Mom." My Mom LOVES it and takes it as a total compliment to herself. :-) LOL!!!!

  5. She is so growing up, especially in that that dress. Get it Maddie...

  6. Your daughter is beautiful......wow she does look alot older then she is. :-)
    I just happened on your blog, from Mckmama's. I haven't blogged on my page. ;-) Really want to though, just too busy. LOL Have a great weekend. You have a beautiful family.