Friday, May 22

ATTENTION Richmonders... crazy geese on the loose!

1st red flag should have been the number of geese in the field

2nd red flag should have been the speed at which they were approaching us

3rd red flag was most definitely the crazy look in their eyes as they got close enough to stare us down 

Call me a scaredy cat, call me dramatic (me?... never... puh-lease!)... but all I could think about were those crazy America's Funniest Home Videos.... Come on, you know you've seen them...

However, as I got back in the van (safely away from the deranged animals) I realized that in my desperate attempt to get them to not eat my legs off... or the kids... I had actually thrown... not just the bread, but the bread bag at the maniac geese.  Being the upstanding citizen that I am... Ahem... I couldn't just leave the plastic trash in the middle of the pretty park, so I took a deep breath, mustered up the courage & went for it...

and failed miserably! Fortunately my big, strong, handsome, heroic hubs was with us & he showed us how it was done.... 

I saw the lunatic birds headed for their next victim as we were leaving... so I captured it all on video... in case authorities needed to be alerted! 

If you are a local... take heed & stay far far away from Crump park! 


  1. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. That was SO funny!! Love you guys!

  2. Too funny!!!!!!! Hey, are those, uhm, Canadian geese, by chance? If so, that's probably why they're a little, uhm, special. Ha ha haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!