Sunday, May 24

2 worlds... you must think I'm crazy!

I remember the day I realized that I actually lived in 2 worlds. Crazy huh? By 2 worlds I mean 2 realms. I remember how shocking it was for me to realize that angels are real, the devil & demons are real & most importantly GOD was real! Just as real as you & me... just in an unseen realm... but not forever. Talk about "I once was blind, but now I see!"...

It breaks my heart when people blame God for bad things. Jesus said.... 

"SATAN comes to steal, kill & destroy, but I came to give you LIFE... an abundant life!  I am the GOOD shepherd. The good shepherd gives life to the sheep." (John 10:10-11) 

God never promised us that we wouldn't go through bad things. He did promise that He would help us (if we let Him) get through those bad things though... and come out victorious in the end! He gave us promises to stand on & He wants us to have faith in those promises & believe in Him to bring us through! 

The Bible calls God our Abba Father. Abba means Daddy. When I think of a daddy I think of a smiling, kind & gentle pappa. Someone who would go to any length to protect and help their child. 

The Bible also said He is the Lover of our Soul... He LOVES US!  

As a parent, it would crush me if something horrible happened to my kids & they said I wasn't there to help them or even worse... if they blamed me for it. We guide & lead our children lovingly through this world as they face challenges & obstacles. We are there to help them up when they fall & teach them as they go through things. That is who God is to us. I know everyone doesn't understand this. It can easily be twisted. A lot of people think God intentionally puts them through horrible situations & circumstances to teach them a lesson. He will certainly make good of a bad situation, if you let Him... but He's definitely not to blame! 

Some people say God is mysterious... no He's not! Sure we don't know everything, but He left us with an entire book full of promises & instructions for His children... He even tells us the ending! 

As far as I'm concerned... it doesn't take too much convincing for me to realize that God is on OUR side! 

I used to be sick... now I'm healed
I used to be empty... now I'm full
I used to be miserably depressed... now I'm full of God's joy
I used to be full of fear... now I have a peace

He LOVES US. Please don't blame God for the bad.... lean on Him to get you through it... onto the other side. He's the lifter of our heads. He'll take your chin gently in His hand & lift your head toward Heaven... if you let Him. Some times I'll close my eyes & picture myself jumping into the lap of My Heavenly Father & snuggling up as close as I can... while He wraps His loving arms around me.... I don't have a mean God! 

When I was little... I used to love this poem. It seems appropriate for this post.... 

Just thought I'd throw all of that out there & for your reading pleasure here are just a few ways the Bible describes God (does this sound like a God who intentionally puts you through heartache?) ...
  • A hiding place from the wind
  • a merciful God
  • a nail in a sure place
  • a shadow from the heat
  • a shelter for me
  • a strength to the needy in distress
  • a sun and shield
  • a very present help in time of trouble
  • He that comforts you
  • He that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think 
  • He that gives life to the world!
  • Lord of Peace
  • Father of the Fatherless
  • The good spirit 
  • The Lord our Provider
  • The Lord our Healer
  • Rivers of water in a dry place
The Bible says He is our... 

  • Abba Father (Abba means daddy)  
  • Counselor 
  • Faithful Creator 
  • Beloved
  • Defense
  • Deliverer
  • Exceeding joy
  • Fortress
  • Friend
  • Goodness
  • Helper
  • Hiding place
  • Redeemer
  • Refuge
  • Rock
  • Strength & power
  • Dwelling place
  • The lifter of my head
  • The lover of my soul
Thank you for being you God... sweet, wonderful, loving YOU!