Thursday, May 21

11?!?!? You can't be serious!

My Maddy-Poo is 11!!! Her birthday was on Monday. I'm a mom of an 11 year old... weird!

Festivities started on Saturday. We had a Mall Scavenger Hunt. It was so funny. The girls were too cute prissing their way through the mall completing their challenges. I did some online searches & created my own challenge list for the party using a bunch of stuff I found. It turned out great. The girls really seemed to enjoy it. Thank you so much Erica for your help! We couldn't have done it w/o you... seriously! After the mall party we headed home for a sleep over... What an experience. I love being around other children (yes she is still a child... thank you very much!) her age. It helps me realize that she is not so strange after all... quite normal actually :) 

Sunday she spent the day with my mom in Williamsburg. She took her to the Converse outlet store. Rows & rows of Converse... she thought she was in Heaven. My parents hooked her up. 

Then on Monday we had cupcakes with her class & mom threw her a mini party at her house with cheeseburgers & an adorable birthday cake. 

Time sure does fly by....

Happy Birthday my sweet woooby woob! 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Maddy-Poo!! (ya know I had to do it!!

  2. 11???????
    Geesh! Very hard to believe it's been over a decade Kasie...WOW!

    Happy "belated" Birthday Madison!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Madison!! And happy mother-of-Madison day to you, Kasie :o)