Saturday, May 2

Who knows what the purpose a yellow curb is anyway?

Stephen left Thursday after work to head to NYC for the weekend. We are currently in the midst of planning a missions trip to the city in August. Right now the team consist of 16 people, including me & him (is that proper grammar?). Anyway, I was SUPPOSED to be in NYC with him but we had some drama come up with Liv (whole other blog... everything is OK though) and we decided the best thing for me to do was stay home with the girls. I am now (maybe not so much at first) totally fine with the fact that I didn't get to spend the weekend alone with my hubby (& the babe) in my (so far) favorite city in the world... riding the subway & staring up at skyscrapers, taking in the beauty of Time Square, hitting Broadway... (OK, can you tell I'm not REALLY over it yet?... ARGH!) I did however enjoy a very lovely day with my parents & my 2 youngest. We went to a few yard sales & then hit a huge flea market right outside of Richmond. (SO not China town... OK, seriously, I'm over it) I really enjoyed that time with them today. My dad is a nut (again... a whole other blog).

So back to NYC... he had a meeting Friday AM with the missions organization that we are parterning up with. It was a pre-trip to discuss the details of the actual trip. He has family that live right across the river in Jersey, so he decided to stay the weekend to hang with then. He planned on getting up early this morning & meeting his cousin for a Broadway show & a nice day in Manhatten. 

So, I get a text from him early this morning around 7:15. It goes something like this...

"I'm in Manhatten @ Starbucks reading my Bible & some crackheads just told me to stop reading my Bible & go check out the city. I guess it's obvious I'm a tourist." 

So I respond something like....

"That's hilarious... they must have heard your accent when you ordered your coffee... lol"  (for those of you who don't know... My hubs still has his Eastern KY accent... love it!) 

So I go about my merry way, totally trying to focus on my great day ahead & how it really is OK that I'm not up there with him... I'm about to hit my first yard sale when I get a 2nd text from my hubs...

"Can u get me the # to geico?" (this is our car insurance company) 

1st thought that goes through my mind is... "Oh my God, he has gotten into an accident". Before I can totally freak out I get a 3rd text from him...

"Parking in front of yellow lines is bad." 

I'm still a bit confused at this point.. & frantically begin dialing his number... NO ANSWER... are you kidding me?!? You crazy man, don't send me these kind of texts & then NOT answer your phone. Second try... he answers. 

me: "Babe, what in the heck is going on?"

hubs: "um, I got towed" 

(at this point I totally resist the urge to tell him... I TOLD YOU TO TAKE THE SUBWAY INTO MANHATTAN, but NOOOO what do I know?

Instead, I kinda freak... thinking about him alone in the city with no car. He proceeds to tell me that he has to go to the police precinct to pay the ticket & then take the receipt to the tow company to get the car back... etc etc etc. Then, of course, the mother in me comes out.. 

"babe, please make sure when you get the car back & find a new parking spot that you get out & ASK a local if you are breaking any laws in your new spot. (I could have totally continued & said something like... "better yet... get out of the daggon city & do what I suggested in the first place & take the subway back in so you don't have to worry about those crazy city laws that lil city folk like us don't know about"... but I didn't, b/c that would not have been nice, edifying OR encouraging... a very bad wife thing to say... SO instead I will pretend like it's not just as bad to say it through my blog... Ahem (yes, I totally stole that from JD & MckMama... Ahem)) 

I really did feel horrible for him though. I LOVE the city, and he SO doesn't. My ideal vaction spot is fast paced, big city, so much to see, so much to do. His ideal vacation is a cabin in the woods. (Our life story... really) So I just KNEW he was going to get up there & just fall in love with it & want to go back as a family every year :) One of the first things he says to me as he walks 6 blocks to the police presinct... "I hate New York now!" ARGH... daggon police. I mean seriously... who knew you couldn't park in front of a yellow curb. Come on people... where is the sign?!?!

So anyway, he totally cracked me up with his last text...

"getting towed in manhattan... $185. 2 tix to a broadway show... $50. Havin 2 nyc crackheads tell u 2 stop readin ur Bible & go see da f*** city... priceless." 

That, my friend, is hilarious!


  1. wow poor stephen...he had to learn the city the hard way...

    loved this blog Kasie, you are really good at writing. You really should write more!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Don't forget we need to chat about the lost finale party :)

  2. Loved this blog post!!! Hilarious... of course, deep down, I think he loves NYC, he is just afraid to admit it because then he might have to take you there on a regular basis, and hear you say "I told you so" about the Subway (ahem, I would have told him so too!!!)... so instead, he's pretending to hate it. Right?

    Is there a way to read the Bible AND go see NYC simultaneously? That might have helped him with the yellow curb thing......