Sunday, April 19

A Gazillion Family Photos

We spent Saturday morning (and some of the afternoon) at the park with one of my BFFs in a photo shoot. I think the pics turned out GrEaT! Thanks Linda... 

Reader beware... you are now entering into grandma territory... SEVERAL pics to follow... I mean seriously, how many people can look at THIS many pics of 1 family & not get bored EXCEPT grandma...  :) 

PS- I just realized that you can link text to your blogger... this very well may get me into trouble at work!!!


  1. I must be a grandmother-in-progress, because I looked at :o)

    I loved looking through them, it's a lovely treat, we've missed you!

    Oh... and if you pay the $10 to turn your blogger address into a regular domain ( like ) to ), and then work internet can't stop ya :o)

    At least, that's how it worked with my son's blog (and mine) and restricted access at his school.

    But I didn't just tell you that ;)

  2. They are all beautiful!!! I love you all so much! Mom

  3. love the pictures...what park was that at? and who is your bff she takes great pics!

  4. can you family get any cuter (spelling..says the english major LOL)!? Linda took these pics? Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I showed them to mom and she just thinks Reece is the cutest baby ever. She said she doesn't even look real! Love ya'll!