Sunday, July 12

House Guest & God's Protection!

Meet Jacob & Preston...

They are 2 of my friend Robin's kids (they have 5!). They will be staying with us this week. Robin & her husband are going on a much needed & much deserved trip out of town! 

This week is also VBS week! The kids couldn't be more excited! As far as my VBS project... I'm feeling a lot better about the skits. All actors are assigned & scripts have been distributed. We had rehearsal Saturday night & all the actors did a great job. Now my BIG focus is on costumes & props... Everything is coming together nicely. 

My friend Linda said that I was brave for taking on 2 extra kids this week in addition to Israel. I think she was being polite though... I'm sure brave wasn't exactly the word she was looking for. Ahem. 

It should be quite an interesting week to say the least!



In other news...

I am feeling very thankful this evening. A good portion of my family hit the beach this morning... A quaint little beach that we all used to go to when we were kids. I was really bummed that we weren't able to make it... but I knew I would be knee deep in VBS prep & wouldn't be able to get away. They had a great time until the rain & wind started...

A twister came though! Thank GOD they are all OK!!! Some people took shelter in the vehicles, but a lot of them huddled on the ground under the picnic shelter. They said the rain & winds were horrendous & the sound was so loud. A lot of them got hit with flying objects. My dad laid over my mom & the adults protected the children by laying over them.

Here are some aftermath pics that I snagged off of my cousin's Facebook...

My mom said she felt so helpless & all she could do was lay there under my dad & pray  "Dear God, please keep us safe!" And that He did...

Thank you Lord for protecting my family today!  


  1. So glad you family is safe. God is awesome!

  2. I have total goose bumps looking at those pictures, knowing your Mom and Dad were there and they are safe. Thankful you were at home!

    So wonderful of you to keep your friends two boys for the week. Time alone and away with just the hubby is so very important!!


  3. Thank you for "surviving" my children! They sure did have a blast! You guys are a blessing! I love you!
    P.s...whenever you need a know who to call! Love you!