Monday, September 1

Happy Labor Day... Happy September

Holy cow... It's September. Doesn't feel like it should be September yet! We drove by the pool on the way home this evening & all of the pool chairs were piled up ready to be put away for the off season. How sad! We had a good day though. We went over to moms for a cook out. As usually she threw down in the kitchen. Yummy yummy! My dad cooked some big fat ribeyes on the grill. It was a nice time together. They just got a new dog so the girls got to play w/ her a lot. 

We even found time to pick some veggies out of the garden... my middle babe's new favorite thing to do at Mimi's!  
September 1st also reminds me that I only have 40 days til my due date... CrAzY! I think the "nesting" thing has officially kicked in. I've been working on getting everything organized. I did a good purge over the weekend & my hubby has piled the van w/ Goodwill stuff that I'll take tomorrow. I even got the 2 coats of blue on the ceiling in the nursery today 
(fluffy white clouds coming soon...)

 I'll try my best to get in there again before the weekend to start on the pink walls... we'll see. The week schedule is kinda packed, which is a good thing...  I've come to realize that schedules & routines keep me sane! I think I've worked out a good one for now... 

7:45a- girls off to school ( hubby has been so wonderful letting me sleep in. He gets the girls ready & off to school in the morning for me so I can sleep til about 8:30/9:00... which has been wonderful!) 
9a-3:30p- WORK (thankfully I still get to work from home, except on Thursdays. I seem to get so much more done at home w/o office chit chat... I even get to do laundry in between emails & phone calls... which is nice) 
3:30-5p- pick girls up from school & work on home work (homework will start this week!) 
5p- start dinner 
6p- eat dinner 
7:15p middle babe's bath time, blow dry & story time (oldest babe's shower time) 
8:00p  middle babe's bed time/oldest babe's reading time 
8:30p oldest babe's bed time

Of course there is other stuff mixed in there (play time, clean up etc.), but that's the gist of it. After the girls go to bed I am usually too pooped to even think about doing anything too productive. Hopefully things will be different this week. I really need to get the nursery finished... O.C.D. is kicking in for sure! 


  1. Don't forget...I am here if you need any help!!! Great pics!! I love you! Mom

  2. Hey Kasie,
    I love reading your blogs..they're soo real! So it won't be long now...I know you guys are excited!
    God Bless,

  3. I know what you mean about a tight schedule! I get up every morning at 5am (sometimes 5:15) and go to bed by 8-8:30. I love the nights Don comes over because he helps out with the kids so I can catch up on housework. haha

    Get your rest girl!!!