Sunday, September 28


"You haven't had that baby yet?"- "Oh, my goodness... you're about to pop any-day now, huh?" - "You're STILL pregnant.. I thought you'd had that baby by now" - "WHEN is your due date anyway??" - then there is always that "I feel so sorry for you" look. I even had a sweet old lady come up to me today at church and say something like... "Don't be walking around too much now sweety that baby just might drop on out". HUH? 

Ok people, yes I know I'm big & yes I know I have a little waddle going on. I don't get up so fast during meet & greet in church services & I even have to sit down towards the end of praise & worship and you can absolutely forget about me standing at the end of service for the altar call... that would take entirely too much effort. Yes, it's obvious... my due date is right around the corner. What I really appreciate are those sweet comments (usually from moms who have had kids before) "Girl, you look great!" - "8 months pregnant... no WAY, I would have never guessed you were that far, you look so good." - "You are such a beautiful pregnant mama" - "Wow, what a great glow you have"... OK, OK I added a few of those myself. 

It's alright though, I know I say weird things sometime  just out of habit or without thinking. I've gotten pretty good at popping on a sweet smile though (hopefully it's not coming across too fake) & polite comments back like "nope, not yet... just about 2 weeks left though!" It's all a part of pregnancy. Once you get to this point you just want the baby out... so those friendly reminders that she's not out yet can get a bit annoying :) I'm sure it doesn't help that I go to a huge church so the comments & looks are multiplied. 

I've been feeling pretty good though. Really my only complaint are these hips. ARGH... can't sleep on my stomach, can't sleep on my back... left tossing & turning on whichever hips feels the best at that moment. 

OK, sorry enough complaining... being pregnant isn't all that bad. 
  • Feeling little kicks & moves inside of you 
  • Having the hubby & the kids talk to my belly 
  • I take full advantage of "eating for 2" & don't feel bad about it... at all 
  • People stop & let you cross the street & hold doors for you
  • I've had SO many people let me cut in line in the restroom. 
  • Random smiles from people (when does that ever happen otherwise?!?!) 
  • Guilt free naps & relaxation 
Just to name a few! 

The hubby & I were talking the other day about all of my pregnancy craving... definitely not something I want to forget :)... 

Bean Burritos from Taco Bell 

Jalapeno Poppers

Loaded Potatoes

BBQ chips


& the 2 most recent.... pink lemonade & Taco Bell Mango Fruitstas (if you haven't had one yet... WHY NOT?!?!) 
OK, now I'm hungry. I'm going to grab a snack & hit the sack :) 


  1. Ah...the ever wonderful comments from people who forget that pregnancy is beautiful! look FAN..Tas...Tek...!! :)
    That baby is going to love spicy food...taco bell may possibly be her first "real" meal!! Haha! LOL

  2. Too cute! I heard the comment yesterday too! I even thought...what in the world...and no your smile did not look fake at all...perfect actually...I'll have to remember it next time I'm pregnant...LOL!