Thursday, September 4


Oh my goodness.. yet another sleepless night?!? I think not... what did pregnant women do before Tums & Tylenol PM... seriously? I've been trying not too take too much. I laid down at 9p hoping to get A LOT of sleep b/c I know I have a busy day tomorrow... but 2 1/2 hours later I'm still awake. I just took a Tylenol PM & I hate just lying in bed tossing & turning... it's too late to work in the nursery, I don't want to wake the fam. So let's blog!

It's been a weird kind of week. My perfect little schedule turns out to not be so perfect after all. Who knew on the 1st night of homework I'd still be up @ 9p doing homework? My oldest babe is getting into the groove of the school structure thing. She is my happy go lucky, fly by the seat of her pants... would rather be doing ANYTHING else in the world besides homework kinda gal. She's my sweet daydreamer. The amount of time it was taking her to do the work had absolutely zero to do with the lack of ability, it was the daydreaming out the window, let's tell mom funny stories about my day, kick my sister out of the kitchen, grab a bite to eat, I have to go to the bathroom, kick my sister out of the kitchen again distractions that prolonged the evening. My vision of a perfectly structured evening failed. I'm sure it was partly the "weepiness" symptom that my "What to Expect When You are Expecting" book mentioned me having in my 8th month of pregnancy... but all I could think about was a school year of hours & hours of homework each night & I had a bit of a crying spell in the bathroom. I don't think her sassy attitude helped the situation. Anyway, God is so good. I went to work today & had a few chats w/ friends & my boss & realized that my tween is not the only tween out there. It's amazing how God will encourage you through others w/o them even knowing what's happening. As soon as I walked in the office this morning my friend Jamie, out of the blue, said I have a book on tweens I meant to bring to you today but forgot.... that led to some conversation that was really good for me. 

Despite these kinds of challenges I absolutely LOVE being a mom. It has it's ups & downs of course. And being around my house you wouldn't always know that I LOVE being a mom :) but I do. I'm not so sure I could do it w/o out the Lords help, that's for sure. I would go bonkers! There's always those sweet moments that make it all so worth it. Like tonight after my oldest babe got corrected (yet again for the sassy attitude & back talking) she just started crying & wanted to be held. It was then that I realized my sweet "little" girl needed a "lift me up" not a  finger pointing. So I just held her & stroked her hair & told her everything was going to be OK. She melted & told me some things that she had been stressin' over & I was able to be there for her. Afterwards she felt better & we had a great evening. I had another sweet moment tonight... this morning I drew my middle babe a little note & left it in her lunch box... a little picture & the words "Love you! mommy".  At lunch she had her teacher help her spell "love you too" on the same napkin. My hubby said when he picked her up she had it balled up in her pocket ready to give it to me... 

Being a mom is so great. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. And to think... in about a month I'll have another sweety to love on! 


  1. You a an awesome Mom!! And your not the only one with a tween that talks back....soap seems to work in this house!!!

  2. Kasie you're the kind of want to have..Love ya Girl! And I remember those sleepless nights...I would try and wake my hubby tossing and turning on him...laugh...It didn't I would go read..

  3. I am so proud of you Kasie!! You are a great Mom! I love you! Maddie just needs a MiMi hug!! YOU TOO!!!
    Love, Mom

  4. OH yes! I have those "bathroom breakdowns" from time to time myself! I feel its just part of being a mom! haha You are such a great mom! Maddie, Olivia and Reece are so lucky!