Monday, September 8

The nursery is ALMOST finished

YAY! I feel like I've gotten so much done in the past few days. It's such a good feeling! Cara came back over Sunday to help finish painting the nursery. Today I finished the flower mural & The hubby & I hung her name (which was the most anticipated finishing touch to the walls) I LOVE the way it's turning out. It's even better than I imagined! 

My mom came over today to work in my garden. She has such a green thumb. Back in the spring the fresh air got to my head a little bit & I decided  it would be a grand idea to have a garden. So she came over & helped me get it started. It's so pretty when its weeded & watered. However, I let it get way out of control & I was becoming the neighborhood outcast w/ the old ladies who walk their dogs by my condo. SO mom came to the rescue. It looks wonderful (again). We got some mulch so that weeds won't be bad. All I have to do now is water it. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Anyway, she's coming over tomorrow too to help get all of the babies clothes washed & the nursery put together. What would I do without mom? Things are coming together very nicely. Once the nursery is finished I'll tackle the other projects... fun stuff! 


  1. The nursery looks beautiful!!

  2. WOW!! It looks so beautiful!!!

  3. This is the best nursery ever! GREAT JOB guys!!!