Monday, October 19

first shoot with lucy

Stephen & the girls came through the door today with a big ol' pink gift bag singing happy birthday to me.

It's not my birthday.

My birthday isn't for another couple of weeks. My husband is like me when it comes to giving surprises. He just can't wait. I love that about him. He bought Lucy a new home...

and a few other accessories (lens cap keeper & a lens cleaner kit). He's so thoughtful.

I was wrong in my previous post... Lucy was my friend's back up... not the back up to his back up. I was wondering....

Oh, & it's not a Rebel 10D... apparently there is no such thing. It comes from the Prosumer line... a step above the Rebels. Thank you Lord!

This is all foreign to me. I'm still learning. I'm going to start with the owners manual.


When we first bought our townhouse I loved everything about it except for the fact that the girls didn't have a back yard. We do however have a large field across the street that the girls have always enjoyed. Imagine our excitement when we found out they were installing a playground in the field!!! We love it. They finished it about a week ago.

What a perfect location for my first shoot with Lucy...

(The above one is my fave)

I was having fun.. can you tell?

I'm in love!


  1. wow, I like Lucy, she takes some good pics... reece is too cute her and liv look so much alike. Man the playground is nice, so um why aren't you having the party at your house =)

    Just kidding....I am sure a walk across the street to enjoy the swinging is so much better than traevling afar. Can't wait to see what comes of lucy and your new you....

  2. How's Lucy holding up?? Are you having fun yet? :D

  3. Kasie,
    When is your birthday? I'm trying to remember and I can't!

    I have a little something for you and "Lucy" that I think you would really enjoy. ;-)

    I'm going to send it to you in the mail as soon as I get it together. ;-)

    Will you send my your home addy, you can email me at also, choose a set of colors...

    - Yellow w/blues and greens
    - Pink, black & white
    - Pinks, greens & whites
    - A mix of primary colors

    Hope your having a blessed and beautiful Wednesday!