Friday, October 9

state fair 2009

I LOVE the state fair... besides Christmas I can't think of a more favorite day of the year than the day we get to go to the fair. I've been going every year since I was a little girl. The girls got to go last year but I didn't because I was very pregnant & very miserable. I missed it and was happy to be reunited with the singing pig, rickety rides and fried fair foods this year.

My camera stopped working on me shortly after I got there though. drats! These are the pics I was able to snap before it went out on me...
(this one was an accident... turned out pretty cool though)

Once the camera stopped working I managed to squeeze these out of Stephen's cell phone before the juice ran out. double drats...
(demolition derby... my newest favorite thing. Who knew watching cars flip over & bash into each other could be so much fun? Olivia decided she wants to be a demolition derby driver when she grows up... no worries... She also wants to be a teacher, a veterinarian, a singer, a nurse & a doctor... all at the same time, she says.)

(mom, maddy, my bro, me... mom kicks butt at this game.
She won. I lost... bad)

(mom & Maddy)

(My cousin & her little girl with Liv... right before Liv chickened out & jumped off of the ride.)

(the only, err, I mean... the best picture I was able to get of Stephen & my dad... watching the derby)

Have I mentioned lately my newest heart's desire...
Just saying.


  1. That photo of the camera, with "Come To Mamma" just cracks me up!! Yes, come to mamma indeed. I look forward to you getting the camera of your dreams, girl!!

    Loved the photos! We have a similar fair that comes to down, it's called the ANE (Atlantic National Exhibition), we also call it "The Ex", and the kids look forward to it at the end of each summer. Unfortunately, but fortunately, we traded our time there this year for a vacation in PEI. It was a great trade-off, though!

    The boys (and Jillian too) love to watch anything to do with cars, demo derbies included!! Josh especially loves to watch cars crash. He kind of worries me, that kid, LOL!!! I think I won't allow him to have his license until he's 42. I can do that, right?

  2. O Gosh! We soo wanted to go to the state fair this year! I haven't been to a fair since I lived in Germany. We are soo there next year!
    Can you believe campmeeting starts tomorrow! YEAH!

  3. Hey Kasie!
    Looks like you all had a good time at the fair. I can't believe how big Reece is getting! Goodness why can we just freeze these little people for a little bit and keep them babes for a while longer. :-(

    We went this year however for me it just wasn't the same being in the new location. We went on a hot and super packed day and I can't even believe I'm saying this (b/c I heart the fair) but the only joy I got out of it was seeing my kids have fun...just didn't feel like the fair I always loved.

    I'm also lol at your come to mamma photo of the camera. Not sure what you are hoping for but I'm going to sell my rebel xt w/the kit lens and all of the a'hem perfect condition.

    Off to read a little more on your blog. I've been off in project land here at the house and haven't blogged nearly as much as I had hoped to, but I've taken pictures to hopefully blog about it all later. ;-)


  4. Mandie,
    I've been missing your posts...
    Please do blog soon :)