Sunday, October 18


We just wrappd up Campmeeting. This is an annual event at our church. We have guest speakers come in to preach, teach... it's services twice a day for 6 days. Scrumdiddliumcious! I love it. This year has been amazing. One of the best.

After one of the night services I ran into a friend who had a Canon slung over his shoulder. It was one of those fancy full body ones. He told me the name, but I can't remember. Anyway I proceeded to tell him about my ol' faithful point and shoot & it's recent death. He mourned with me for a bit. After I told him I wanted a Rebel he let me hold his Canon... I think he noticed I was staring. I snuggled, err, I mean fiddled with it a bit & handed it back over. He told me to let him know when I was ready to buy because he could help me find a good deal... he's always on the hunt for new goodies, I'm sure.

The next morning at church Stephen was chatting with him (they work in the media department together). When all of a sudden he told Stephen in an "Oh by the way" kinda manner... I have a Canon Rebel 10D that I want to bless you guys with. He said... "it's the back up to my back up camera. I rarely use it & I feel like you guys should have it." I'm sure Stephen sat there stunned for a bit & then told him that I was going to freak out... actually I'm sure it sounded more like... "dude, my wife is gonna flip"....

I did!

This is beyond awesome. God is SO good. We are on a tight budget right now with me going to school and not working and all. I've been talking about & dreaming about a Rebel... knowing that realistically even a used one is not really in the budget for us right now. When Stephen told me about it the first thing I could think of is how good God is. I mean seriously. He cares so much about us.... right down to the teeny weeny details like my obsessing desire to have a new camera.

I'm so grateful.

He's such a faithful provider!

Meet Lucille, I call her Lucy for short...

Thank you Lord!


  1. Once upon a time, an Acadian Canadian was told by a dear friend to get the movie Fireproof. This dear friend knew how much this Acadian Canadian woman was struggling with her marriage to a non-believing husband. This was months ago, and the Acadian Canadian listened. She went out, bought the movie, and prayed about watching it with her non-believing husband. One day, her husband agreed to watch it. Tonight, this woman and her husband finally sat down to watch it...


    She hadn't watched it until now, she wanted it to be something special for the two of them.

    After the movie finished, in fact, just a few minutes ago, this woman prayed in thankfulness to God, for this friend who gave her this suggestion, for this friend who has been praying for her, for her husband, and for her marriage. She asked God to bless her friend... for her friend to be as blessed as this Acadian Canadian felt right now, having watched that incredible movie with her husband. She prayed for God to bless her abundantly.

    Then, she came over to share the good news... and that's when she found out, once more, that God had already taken care of the little details.

    You'd think after sobbing quietly onto her husband's shoulder for an hour and a half during the movie, she wouldn't have tears left... but she read about the camera, and the floodgates opened yet again.


    I just read the news about your camera to hubby, and he thought that was awesome... awesome would be a serious understatement.

    I hear the whirring of a shutter... I expect we'll see some more photos soon??!

  2. I'm smiling from ear to ear! SO very excited for you! What a wonderful blessing my friend. God heard you, he knows our hearts desires. Love it!!!!

    Ha, Ha...I have to chuckle at the fact that God KNEW you were supposed to have a, I couldn't agree more God! (smile, smile, grin, grin!!!)

    Now go shoot a ton of photos and show us all the fun your having.


  3. OMG...My friend!!! I'm so stoked for you!!! Now...just remember that you are now forced to take pics of my family (ya know, you got use that camera often, right?!) LOL!!!

  4. You are so blessed! So happy for you! Can't wait to see all the great pics you gonna take!

  5. God is Good! Awesome! So happy for you!

  6. that's awesome!!! i know your super excited!!! can't wait to see some pics :)