Tuesday, October 21

Today is the day... or tomorrow!

Yipee! It's ABOUT time! Since I'm now 42 weeks & no doc will let me go beyond that they scheduled me to be induced in the morning @ 6:30p. I thought for sure I'd go over the weekend & b/c I didn't, I called my midwife to let her know I was kind of freaking out about the Pitocin. SO... they are going to admit me today @ 3:45p & try a drug called Cervidil. It's a strip of medication that is inserted near the cervix. It's supposed  to soften my certix so it will dilate. She said I would be crampy for a bit & then eventually it will throw me into labor. The good thing about this drug is that once I'm in labor they will remove it so that it will no longer effect me. My contractions will be stronger than usually when it's in, but once removed my contractions & labor will be my own... unlike Pitocin that stays in your blood stream for awhile. I wonder why more women don't use it instead of Pitocin... I guess b/c Pitocin is more guaranteed to work. She did say it was a chance that the Cervidil wouldn't work, BUT I'm so far along that I don't see why it wouldn't. So anyway, here goes. It's FINALLY time! Please pray for a peaceful & uneventful labor & delivery... and of course a happy, healthy & whole baby girl!

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  1. I'm sure you'll be up and blogging soon about your new arrival!!
    Welcome Baby Reece!!! We love you!