Saturday, October 18

OK, this is getting ridiculous!

My official due date from the doc was Oct. 8th, which was based on my 1st ultrasound. My due date based on my last menstrual cycle was Oct. 12th. The doc went with the ultrasound date, but I made my own date of Oct. 10th. It was right in the middle, so it just made sense to me. Now, it really doesn't matter b/c anyway you look at it I'm LATE! I went to the doc on Wed. (1 week overdue). They ran their standard overdue tests. They measured my fluid & monitored the baby's heartbeat for about 20 minutes. All of the test came back perfect. Despite that, the doc wanted to schedule an induction for Friday morning (yesterday). I told them as much as I'd love to give in & be finished with this pregnancy I wanted to wait it out. I DO NOT want Pitocin! It's a med that causes the start of contractions... which throws you into labor. Sounds great, but unfortunalty there are negative side effects... one being: harder, stronger more intense contractions (I REALLY want to go w/o pain meds & have this baby as natural as possible... Pitocin would make it more difficult to accomplish my goal) No doctor in the practice that I go to, including my midwife, will allow you to go past 2 weeks overdue SO they scheduled an induction for this Wed. However, I am expecting to go before then!!! This week hasn't been too bad considering I'm overdue & really really really want this baby out. We had campmeeting at church this week... church twice a day every day for 6 days... we had several guest speakers. It was a refreshing time... I feel a rekindled flame in my relationship w/ Jesus. It's a good feeling. It was nice having church to look forward to each day, but now that Campmeeting is over it's seriously time for this baby to come out! We went to the river this afternoon & walked & walked & walked. The island we went to is 54 acres. I'm not sure how many miles that is but we walked around the entire island & it had to be at least 3 or 4. Plus I heard if you eat pinapples it will help. So I'm going to chill out, watch a movie w/ the hubby & chow down on some pineapple. I've been saying it all week... Tonight is the night... daggonit! 

Here are some pics we took today. It's such a beautiful place. We really need to go more often, not just when we are trying to get a baby out :) .... 


  1. Looks like yall had a great time!! I love the pics!! Waiting on that phone call! Love ya, Mom

  2. I'm prayin' girly and waiting for a phone call!! Be patient(that's hard to take, I know)-Reece has an on time God!!!
    Let me know what you need!!! I wuv u!!
    By the way, did u get the bathtub I dropped off?

  3. In Jesus name Reece is gonna come soon and you will not have to be induced! Amen! Love the pictures!